History Of Women In Prison Criminology Essay

Today adult females have many undertakings and duties whether it be taking attention of a kid or keeping onto a relationship that they can non look to maintain. For these specific grounds is why adult females are incarcerated and sent behind bars. For adult females to be in prison is something that many research workers do n’t recognize is that they are non treated good and at that place clip there is non pleasant. In my research I will explicate and sum up the life of adult females in prison, the how comes of why adult females are sent to prison, discourse the high volumes of adult females being sent to prison, there work and medical intervention that adult females face, race, and in conclusion adult females ‘s relationships in and out of the prison bars.

For traveling on two decennaries, the figure of adult females behind bars has dramatically increased. Women functioning sentences longer than a twelvemonth have grew up to 757 per centum between the old ages 1977-2004, that ‘s twice every bit much of an addition from the males population in prison says a study from The Institute on Women ( Bureau of Justice Statistics Bulletin,2006 ) . In the twelvemonth 2010 about 113,000 adult females were incarcerated in federal and province adjustments while there were 1.5 million male inmates. The statistics of adult females being in prison are improbably difficult to believe. A beginning from the Statisticss about Women Prisoners say that 33 % of adult females are sent to prison because of violent discourtesies, 29 % because of belongings discourtesies, and amazing 32 % were faced old ages in prison because of drug discourtesies ( Bureau of Justice Statistics Bulletin ) . The ages of adult females in prison are drastically different and alteration on a regular basis. The age group 18 to 24 old ages old is about 12 % behind bars, 25 to 29 old ages old are 18 % , 30 to 34 old ages old is 24 % , and ages 35 and older norm out the other 45 % of the adult females inmates in prison. Beginnings from the Institute of Women besides province that 64 % of adult females who enter prison do non presently have a high school sheepskin ( Greene, 2004 ) . The adult females who have some college calculate to around 14 % that are sentenced in prison. Although most of our prisons are places to more work forces, there is a high addition of adult females that is besides fall ining the prison household every bit good.

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The grounds for the sum of adult females in prison are surrounded by three certain causes. These all surround a certain economic crisis. These causes are because of belongings discourtesies, violent offenses, and drug discourtesies. In this paragraph I explain the grounds for all three of these discourtesies. First and foremost I will discourse belongings discourtesies because it is non the biggest discourtesy that adult females are charged for today. Although the offense rate of belongings discourtesies has slowed down the adult females lessening in the offenses has non. Women apprehensions of belongings discourtesies are chiefly because of burglary, expansive larceny car, and incendiarism. This goes on the same way as shrinkage, forged cheques, and besides e-crime which is the fact that adult females can be at place and do money off their computing machine by recognition card fraud. Another offense that puts adult females is prison is violent offenses. Actually violent offenses took shoplifting off the top of the list. These offenses consist of manslaughter and assault. These offenses together have come to a 35 % of the committed offenses from adult females says an article by Jack Doyle from Record Numbers of Women ( Doyle, 2005 ) .

. The ages that committed these offenses will floor you. For the offenses committed 25 % of violent offenses were ages 10 and 17. In some provinces such as Oklahoma, the adult females in prison population have about doubled the national norm because of violent offenses says a Fox intelligence article ( Alford, 2009 ) . Last one of the immense grounds that adult females serve clip behind bars is because of drugs. Beginnings from WPA say that between the old ages of 1997 and 2006 the drug maltreatment misdemeanors skyrocketed at a 30 % addition while work forces merely had a 16 % rise ( Greene, 2004 ) . There are many grounds why drug maltreatment comes into drama to direct many adult females to prison. Causes are stress, instruction bead outs, individual female parent life, or the departure of a relationship. Although these grounds for adult females inmates have changed dramatically, the populations of prison of theses ‘ offenses have non decreased.

Something to understand in today ‘s prisons is the sum of different race and favoritism. Of our adult females incarcerated 60 to 67 % is black or Hispanic says an article from Stats about Women Prisoners ( Bureau of Justice Statistics Bulletin ) . Besides in the twelvemonth 2008, 93 out of one hundred 1000 adult females were white, 349 out of every 100,000 were black adult females, and 147 out of 100,000 adult females were Hispanic. Violent offenses because of different race are lower in adult females prisons so it is in work forces ‘s prisons. Actually adult females offenses in prison is more looked at to the new inmates that come to prison. More statements and battles are caused this manner non the fact that there a different race. There is no research that explains that because you ‘re a different race that your looked different upon in adult females ‘s prisons. Discrimination is overlooked in today. A offense a white adult females committed with get fewer old ages for the same as if a black adult females done it. Article from corrections say that this is non a job unless it is brought up or recognized as a major state of affairs ( Kravitz, 2010 ) . Due to these accusals of adult females race and favoritism, there are more counts of colza because of it. The work forces think they can utilize them. Administration of the prison such as staff, wardens, service workers use adult females inmates as sex slaves in alteration of coffin nails or phone calls. Because a batch of this overlooked, a batch of adult females inmate become pregnant and this leads to the medical and wellness issues that adult females face.

Health is a critical caption of adult females in prison. Many adult females behind bars are medically inclined. These grounds are because of their degrees of mental unwellness, and drug use says a study of UNODC ( Bergh, 2009 ) . The slope of HIV infections, diseases like TB and hepatitis are increasing in our prisons particularly towards the adult females that have mental jobs and intoxicant dependences and maltreatment. In some surveies from the UNODC, prisons are largely for work forces so the wellness issues are non surrounded for adult females ( Bergh, 2009 ) . This is intending that prisons are designed for work forces and have installations to care for work forces. Prisons do non hold the installations to protect adult females ‘s wellness. A batch of the adult females prison inmates have a post-traumatic emphasis order. This chiefly means that because of this upset, adult females are more capable of harming themselves and perpetrating self-destruction. Besides because there are fewer adult females prisons, adult females are sent far off from place which causes this actions and besides causes households to run down, particularly loved 1s. This besides has a great trade with their kids if the inmates were female parents. An article from corrections says that when a adult female is imprisoned the male parent usually does non take attention of the kid and so the kid is placed in surrogate places and frequently institutionalized ( Kravitz, 2010 ) . In add-on this article, in some states really immature kids can remain with the female parent while in prison. The chief causes of the wellness of adult females in prisons are because a batch of it overlooked and adult females are non being treated for their mental or wellness issues.

When adult females are locked off in prison, there are certain things that they can make to value there clip sagely. This means that if they are on good behaviour or if portion of their sentence from perpetrating a offense, they can hold a occupation. One-half of the adult females locked behind bars are taking instruction or vocational classs because an norm of around one to five adult females has completed high school or have a GED says an article from WPA ( Greene. 2004 ) . These occupations such as larning basic math and English help the inmates provide character that they could easy demo their loved 1s. Besides to larn how to work on autos or any other transit can assist supply the adult females accomplishments so if one twenty-four hours released can utilize to their ability. A batch of adult females locked in today ‘s prison can non hold these chances because of their bad behaviour or many issues that these inmates may confront.