Go Along with Motto Essay

A quarter of my college life has almost passed. Looking backwards, we need to think two questions carefully. No. 1, what’s your initial intention to go to the university? For a certificate or the acquisition of knowledge? No. 2, have you ever cheated in the examination? These are the most common problems, but they will effect our own development, or even the whole life. Therefore, it’s really necessary for us to practice the motto of our university—to reach the highest level both in morals and learning. Today, with the development of science technology, the explosive growth is taking place in economy.

At the same time, we students are faced with more side effects or material temptation from the outside world. So, from my point of view, every one of us should bear our motto in mind and make it play an effective role in our day-to-day work. A motto to a university is what a soul to a man. Without motto, the university is like a dead person with no vibrancy and no creativity. However, what effort shall we make to go along with our motto? First of all, our moral standards should be improved. The university is not only a place to acquire knowledge but also a place to learn how to be a whole person.

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Honesty, faithfulness and responsibility can be the essence of a true man. Secondly, we should correct our attitude towards study. Some students go to routine classes with absent mind, and acquire nothing even in four years. They regard university as a workship for a certificate or a diploma. In the golden time of life, we should read more and attempt new things bravely to enrich our mind. As the saying goes, “Deep roots breed full leaf”. Ladies and gentlemen, please, imagine a man with little knowledge but just a piece of paper, how can he go far in his future career? Thirdly, we must create a harmonious campus.

No one can sail the ocean of life single-handed. We need help from, and also give help to, others. So, try to care for our classmates, show our respect to teachers and learn to say “Thanks” to others, no matter intimate friends or strangers. Finally, be creative. I ever read a story about King Arthur’s knights. They set out on their Holy Grail. Each one set out alone. Each one entered the woods at the deepest and darkest point, where there was no way. If there is a well-worn path, it is someone else’s path, not yours. In this way, everyone is able to create his or her own grail, led by a sense of self-discovery.

And also, in Science, one makes much more progress out of a single innovative idea than the steady efforts of hundreds of conventional research scientists. Therefore, only be creative can we grab more challenges and opportunities than others. All these four points of motto act as a timeless reminder to me. As the new generation who enter the new century, faced with so many challenges of the globe development, every college student should take up responsibility, set up our goals and try best to achieve them. Every youth have dreams. It is of great importance to keep the light of motto with us along the way to success.