Global Marketing – Case Oreo Essay

1. What kinds of consumer research should be undertaken in each country to determine the appropriate extent of adaptation of the marketing mix for Oreos. * As the video mentions they had to investigate the frequency at which people buy in the stores because in Brazil or Venezuela the people don’t have much space to their food in their houses or they eat them in their ways. Also they had to investigate if the country see much TV or not because it’s a way of advertising, in other countries like Venezuela they are more in the streets. Also investigate the Chinese eating habits as it’s a healthier nation they had to put less flavor to the cookies. And to invetigate which is the legacy of your brand and logo in the contry because that matters in the customer decisión.

2. What are the different consumer rituals associated with Oreo consumption practiced among family members of your students?  How are they learned – passed from generation to generation?  * As we know from all the advertising campaigns we have to divide it, savor and soak in milk, but there are always people who eat them differently tha’t why oreo company make packages which are easily to buy and eat them in the office, or with coffee or as a snack but OREO has managed to convey and make that process exists from the time of my grandparents and is related with OREO.

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COMENTS: Honestly i didnt know that the oreo were a global company but with this videos i learn that the Little thinks matters in publicity, like i didnt know the fact that some countries dont see much televisión or to study the frequenci that the persons go to the store to make packages more biggers or more tinny