Gifted Species in the World: Human Essay

Humans are categorised as group of mammals, humans occupied the highest population in the globe, which is approximately 7 billion. Modern humans like us are also known as homosapien, humans are said to be the most gifted species in the world this is because humans are the most intelligent beings on the earth, most evolved species, the most advance life forms on the earth and classified at the highest level in the food web. Evolution takes place in every life form since when they were born, so do humans.

Human is the most evolved life form in the world, this is because no matter where and what environment human are placed, humans are able to survive in any condition with the help of a powerful instrument that is our mindful brain and this is the reason why humans able to survive generation by generation. Humans’ mind is so powerful that allowed human to have self-awareness, determination, desire, beliefs and confident. This is the reason that humans are able to tackle and outsmart every difficulties or consequences they faced.

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I believe that when there’s a will, there’s a way. On the other hand, based on some studies there are some left over parts can be found in the human body after evolution to a modern man. Examples for sign of evolution, the goose bumps, junk DNA, appendix, and etc. In our body there is junk DNA, which was used to produce enzyme to process vitamin C in the past. Appendix that can be found near our intestines are formerly used to digest cellulose but after we changed our diet and after evolution the appendix is now left there useless.

Lastly, goose bumps which are hairy was used as a protection to cold weather in the past and because of evolution human make their own shirts as a protection to cold, our hair then become shorter and shorter. Intelligence is the capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity; aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings and etc. When we take a look at the definition, there are only one living organisms that fulfilled the definition of intelligence, that is humans and no others living things.

Besides that, humans are a life form that full with emotions while the others life form do not, for examples, angry, annoyed, ashamed, bored, contemptuous, disgusted, embarrassed, envious/jealous, frightened, grateful, happy, hurt, nervous/apprehensive, pitying, respectful, sad, surprised, and warm. Humans become unique organisms with these 18 different types of emotions and the human’s intelligent. These are what make humans to have feelings, expression, cognitive appraisal, action or movement and body languages.

This is why human beings are the most gifted life form in the world. This modern world that full of technologies is the innovations and creations by humans. That’s why human is the most advance life form in the world. Generations by generation, human have invented many things to make their life easier and convenient. A simple example, wheels are invented since Paleolithic era and it’s made of woods or rocks, its surface is not a perfectly round in shape.

This wheel was invented to help the man in Paleolithic era to carry and move their heavy stuffs. After some evolution, the modern wheels now are made of either steel or alloy and the shape of the wheel is perfectly round in shape. This modern wheel has the same function as the old one but this wheel is light, stiff, resistance to damage and more stable. Humans are the one who always make things happened. In conclusion,