Genetically modified Crops Essay

Genetically modified (GM) crops refer to the extraction of genes from one foreign sources such as other plants or animals. World food crisis also refers to the people who are unable to get food for their own consumption. The GM crops will solve the current world food crisis as they are resistant to key diseases as pest and is able to withstand greater somatic extremes and poorer soils. GM crops are also able to stay fresh longer. An example is the pest-resistant corn the was created by inserting Bt into the corn plant.

Bt is a natural pesticide and a Bt corn will be pest resistant. With fewer food crops damaged, the people will then have more food to consume which help solves the current world food crisis. Another way the GM crops will solve current world food crisis is that some GM crops have been modified to produce higher yields that increases the production. This will decreases the prices of food to help over come the problem of food shortages. An example is the Super Rice that is a high-yield variety made in 1988 that is able to produce double the output of normal rice.

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Hence, this will help solve the current world food crisis. However, GM crops will also not be able to solve the current world food crisis as there are potential health risk. There are potential health risks associated with some of the foreign genes the have been introduced into food crops. For example, lectin, a protein that is found in beans have been introduced into potatoes as its prevents aphids from attacking the potato plants. Some people might be allergic to lectin hence, they may develop allergic reactions if they consume such GM potatoes.

There is also a fear of the adverse effects arising from the consumption of food that is not natural. For example, the European Union has banned the importation and cultivation of most GM food crops. And even though Zambia is facing good shortages, it has also rejected GM food imports. In conclusion, I agree that GM crops will solve the current world food crisis. However, because it is a more effective and convenient way, a lot of consequences might not be favorable. Hence, I agree that GM crops will solve the current world food crisis.