Functionalism Essay

One theory is a functionalism, a functionalism is some who emphasize that groups and organizations are made up of interrelated parts and rules and regulations that produce cooperation in a meeting a common goal. Workers cooperate to maintain the organizations stability and continuity. A functionalism also notes that organizations like bureaucracies can be dysfunctional. Workers may be alienated because of weak reward systems, favoritism and incompetent supervisors.

Some people pretend that they are working and are shopping and doing other things just to get paid. Functionalism has been useful in understanding how groups and organizations fulfill functions when it comes to motivating people to get work done and achieving their goals. Social networks and Medias improve their workers on a day to day basis. A conflict theory is an organization based on a vast difference in power and control. Companies with high levels are more stable hiring and promoting others similar to themselves.

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Most people that play sports such as golf and tennis have similar attitudes. In the organizations social class is important in determining individual’s places in the job. Organizations serve elites, conflict theorist argue, they are usually undemocratic and ignore workers needs and interest. Workers decide how their work is structured. Critics fault conflict theory for assuming that greater equality always lead to productive organizations.

Many formal organizations, including some bureaucracies that are efficient and profitable corporations but don’t exploit workers. A functionalism is more appealing to me because they make sure that the workers are on point and that the job is going to be done right. People tend to try to beat the system and try to get over, but a functionalism stays on their workers at all times. I would prefer being that way if I had a company. It is best to achieve all goals as necessary.