Foundations for Life Essay

“The only way to have a friend is to be a friend,” Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, a great American philosopher and writer. (1803 – 1882) Many say that the only way to be a friend is to be one. Loyalty and trustworthiness are essential qualities that you and you friend must hold. In order to build trust, a friend must be a true, loyal person at all times. For that reason, trust and loyalty are two major characteristics one must contain in a true friendship. Equally, one must look for the same qualities in another person like honesty and devotion.

Therefore, honesty can be gained by being dependable, authentic, faithful, and consistent toward one another. If you are devoted to each other, you should never gossip all your friend’s secrets to others. Also never talk bad about your friend behind there backs. A trustworthy friend will always have another friends back, if not, you may hurt them and lose a true friend forever. In addition, true friends can make your life a lot better. Even though it is not simple to define what makes a good friend, every person will have there different points of view on who there true friends are.

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Long lasting, permanent, and significant friendships will last for a very long time, but that is when both friends are dedicated and responsible towards each other as well as in there relationship. You and your friend should always be there for each other to listen to each other’s problems, be there to lend them a hand, be thankful for the friendship you have, and be there always to support you. If you can find one true friend in your life, consider that it is a true blessing from God.