Fear of a Happy Heart Essay

It was the ever dearest feeling you’ve ever desired not knowing that it’ll be on your way one day. A day that an ambitious heart would never forget. A moment that a soul could fly high,an instance that your world would unintendedly stop right away after having been commtted. No less than a negative side could be occupied by misery and a hopeless romanticism of an innocent heart. Thinking of that person have become your daily routine right after waking up confidently thinking that he does the same thing.

Feeding your tummy is just an hour of wishing he had a good meal. After all, it will be your time to attend your class but it seems like he was your over-all academics, that most of the time you were caught in a scene writing his name at the back of your notebook or even in your fist. Every beep of your phone appears simply his codename that would draw a smile to your lips. His photo that consumes your time until a pinch was felt by you and there you’ve realized that it was actually a group picture that you’re staring at.

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It was definitely a blissful journey that a boxed person would ever wished to experience without hiding to an eye that you’ll never loved to see when you’re together. The gladness that marked your life is the superb pain reliever of all the problems in the aspects of your being. Everything was a Nirvana not until when the wheel turned and distant the life you two used to have. It was a strange fought for the happiness of yours, a great fall for pioneered love and a split second that you would never understand why. It was a great pleasure that a blameless heart would live for, but it’s different by now for no reason. t seems like a faultless fair lady have to leave her throne and strive for a journey that would remind her the independence she once had. To escape in the pains and to avoid the tears to drop is all you are wishing by now. To be left alone is not actually your fear the real thing is you’re simply afraid that you can no longer be at your best when it happen, for all you’ve got is a trust that is turning off. It was all perfect not until when the darkness came and almost ruin yourself but still, you are looking forward to a HAPPY ENDING.