Family and John Verdant Essay

We live in the most marketed time in the entire world where most popular brands and business are global in some way. Consumers shout for the cheapest price, and the nicest car or widget regardless of how, where, or who makes it. In his recent essay “The Ables vs. The Binges”, John Verdant illustrate the negative and healthy effects of consumerism while analyzing two different methods of living based on two families.

They are two families that live in the same neighborhood with related situations and have the same income “The Ables” are a family that live within their means, shop locally, give back to their community, and are simply a humble family. “The Binges” are very materialistic, spend more money than they make, must have the fanciest cars and the best looking clothing, and as a result piling on debt. My whole life I have heard it said that “never live beyond your means”.

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At the same time that I believe if we work hard for our money we can spend it however we like, I also think we should be responsible and prioritize the things that’s most important. I believe I can be an “Able”, but I also have characteristics of a “Binge” shopper. Foremost, my whole life I have heard it said that “never live beyond your means” however, it is so easy to get caught up in the activity of a consumer-market so hectic you feel like you have to move as fast with them. These folks succumb to fashion and purchase on impulse without researching prices or quality” (Verdant pg. 155). I am guilty of spending money on impulse while being under stress dealing with life situations, and not concerned with upcoming bills. As a stress reliever I shop! I have bought things and later found it cheaper online; for instants, I purchased a kid’s tablet from Toys r us for $199 that freeze and turns off constantly. Whereas on Amazon I came across a better pad for $149 that has better quality, consequently I bought two tablets.

After relaxing and considering research, the expensive tablet was not the one to buy. Even though I enclose characteristics of the Binge family, I do have the potential to be an Able. “While the Ables expenses total up to less than twenty dollars per day, they make cautious decisions about their finances that allow them to enjoy their surroundings, and live very comfortably” (Verdant pg. 152, 155). It has become common today to dismiss responsibility, as I am getting older, I frequently think about how I want to raise my family.

What morals and values should I encourage and how to live a happy life? Lately I have been making better financial arrangements with my money, and changing my bad eating habits. There is times where I have to explain to my daughter that she cannot have everything she spot, gifts come with good behavior inside as well as outside of school, more importantly rent and bills are primary. Without a doubt I make it my priority that my household tasks are well taken care of before I decide to “binge”.

In conclusion, John Verdant offered harsh critiques of the Binge family and put emphasis on the Ables lifestyle. In fact, we should have coordination like the Ables, however, they demonstrate impolite behavior when calling 800 numbers to do research about online products (Verdant pg. 153). It is important to have and teach our kids principles and value so they can be successful. Although the Binges lacked morality, it was pleasurable to them. In either case, you must not be judgmental because one spend their money differently and not up to your standards.