Events That Happened in My Birthday Essay

I was born on November 4th of 1995. Peru was having some events that had many consequences in our country. Terrorism was a big problem in Peru that affected our economy, and human rights. If terrorism hadn’t been in those years, many Peruvians wouldn’t have died. Since terrorism existed in Peru many abuses were committed against innocent people, murders, injustices and violence. If Abimael Guzman hadn?t killed many people, he wouldn’t be locked in a high security jail in Callao.

Many people still remember terrorism as a bad memory that left many people without their families. For example: In more rural areas of our country, there were attacks on people as bombings, kidnappings. Now, going back many years ago, there was an important event that caused a big change in France and many European countries. The French revolution was social and political conflict, which brought many consequences in the world. These causes were very beneficial in France’s economy.

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If France hadn’t rebelled against their King Louis XV, France would have big economic problems. In the government of Louis XV, high class people had many luxuries and didn’t pay taxes. People were tired of paying high taxes and the exploited working without a lot of money. If the people hadn’t rebelled against their king, France wouldn’t have developed its economy and they would have continued with the problem of social classes. These were some events that occurred on the day of my birthday and they brought many changes in the world.