Ethics and the Manager Chapter Six Executive Summary Essay

Management has a certain protocol and certain behaviors that must be met and followed for business success. Every responsibility and decision managers hold and make are watched and critiqued by the employees they manage. Employees want to feel the sense of fairness and equality in the company they work for and in sense represent. Managers need to be reminded of this when interacting with their employees. Managers should maintain their level of engagement with employees and take on an active role, but must do so fairly and equally and make sure there is no room for misinterpretation or conflicts of interests.

Managers must set the example and lead by it. This is a process that employees look for from their first encounter with management (to include the interview process). It is easy to say this is how work is done and hang it on a wall or hand it out in an employee hand-out, but managers are expected to lead from the top. Management must put the company’s values and success in their mind while conducting interviews and look at the work being conducted.

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Managers need to bring in the best workers and the best fit for the company during the interview process, and managers must make sure there is consistency during the interview process so there are no questions regarding discrimination. A performance evaluation is a difficult area not only for managers but also the employees evaluations are being done on. Management should deliver the news in a professional and tactful way. It is easy for managers to tell employees of the achievements they have accomplished during the performance evaluation, but the shortage in performance is where the professionalism and tact comes into play.

An employee cannot adjust or correct the shortages if they are not revealed throughout the evaluation. All expectations from management and employees should be discussed during the performance evaluation to ensure the expectations are being met. There are often times when discipline in the workplace becomes necessary. Managers need to make sure the discipline they conduct is fair and consistent. Employees talk with each other and the word of discipline will spread throughout the company.

Managers need to ensure that discipline is consistent with the actions (example, someone should not be fired for being fifteen (15) minutes too late one time) and the discipline is consistent for all employees so they can see this behavior will not be tolerated no matter who it is. Terminations are another aspect of a manager’s daily job. Terminations range from a company conducting cut backs for financial reasons to an employee needing to be terminated for numerous reasons. All terminations need to be handled privately and respectfully.

If management expects an issue to arise, it is beneficial to alert security (if the company has security) of the termination. Managers should ensure the termination is fair and allow the employee to maintain personal dignity. Workplaces have become extremely diverse over the years and are expected to continue diversifying. Managers need to know how to maintain the diversity in the workplace. Every employee and person who walks through the doors has an opinion and they need to be heard for the company’s success.

Managers should treat and respect all employees equally, and employees should also treat and respect fellow employees and managers in the same regard. Management needs to lead by example in the diverse workplace. There are several types of harassment that people may face in the workplace. Managers need to make it known that harassment will not be tolerated in the workplace. The person at the receiving end of harassment may feel so uncomfortable by the endless amount of harassment they receive that they may call out of work or simply quit in an attempt to avoid the situation of harassment.

Managers need to maintain the balance of the individual’s rights and the rights of the company or group. Every employee in a company comes from a family or has a family and may have or develop personal issues. Although family and personal issues do not come from the workplace, they may affect the work the employee conducts. It is important for managers to exercise fairness with the family and personal issues employees; managers do not want to be labeled as not caring about the issues, but also do not want to be seen as giving favoritism.

It is important for managers to know about the issue and address the issue, keeping in mind the fairness to the individual’s coworkers. Managers are watched from every angle as a leader. It is important to lead by example and be clear with the expectations for employees. Communicate the expectations and standards to your employees. Be clear in what you want and expect out of people. Take on an active role with employees where they can openly come to you for guidance or with an issue and know your employees.