Ethical Code of Conduct: Group Erin Brockovich Essay

Our group has the task of watching and ethically analyzing the movie Erin Brockovich using a powerpoint presentation. Three ethical theories need to be used, explained and directly linked back to the movie in our 30 minute presentation. From these three theories, three separate resolutions need to be presented for consideration. Our group needs to include outside research while discussing how the theories relate to the ethical issues in the movie. Two discussion questions need to be created, submitted to Judge Thomas and posted for interaction with our class.

This project includes additional details which can be found in the syllabus. The due date is set with a submission date of August 4th. All work by each member should be discussed and decided on by August 2nd. Team Online Meeting Time Meetings will not be set throughout the course, however all team members are to be aware of deadlines within the completion of the required documents that are due to Judge Thomas. Though, at any time this may change if team members decide to create an online meeting or face-to-face meeting at some point during the five week course.

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If a meeting is being agreed upon, all members must be available and willing to meet within the allotted time frame discussed. Once the meeting has been set, all members must then agree to stay until the required tasks are completed or until decided upon by the group. Team Communication Team communication will be primarily virtual throughout the course. All team members have access to communicate amongst each other the following ways: 1. The Group Discussion Board 2. The Group Blog 3. NKU Email Emails will be used to communicate between team members on a more personal basis. The group discussion board shall be used any time a group member must be informed of a change or a contribution within the group. Team members are expected to check their email at least once daily in order to ensure that all communications that are sent can be responded to in a timely manner. Team Expectations All team members are expected to participate in the creation and completion of this project.

Since we will be given the same grade, it is expected that each one of us keep that in mind to ensure that we are equally sharing the work and responsibility by creating high caliber results. We must all have open minds and listen to the diverse opinions of each member. Group project should be completed according to the schedule that we decide. The due date is August 4, all group work and presentation should be ready for review by the date that we decide. It is expected that each group member will adhere to this code.

Any changes to this ethical code need to be unanimous. Team Expectations: Social Communication Throughout the course all group members agree to adhere to the following expectations when communicating: 1. Team members will not personally attack or use disrespectful language with another member upon a disagreement; but will adhere to the decision making expectations to come to a consensus. 2. Team members will be respectful and considerate of all opinions or suggestions given by the group; whether they agree or not. 3. Team members will have an open mind and work collaboratively with all members of the group while working on an aspect of the assignment. Team Decision Making All decisions on this project will need to be unanimous. If all members cannot agree, majority will dictate the decision. All opinions given by group members will be equally considered amongst the group and decided upon. While we may not always agree, we need to be respectful of each other. We are a team, a group unified for one purpose, for this to work we need to be open, honest and constructive.

At times each of us may make mistakes; we need to be respectful and considerate when communicating to each other. Team Consequences Failure to comply with team expectations or team code of conduct will result in the following consequences: 1. Group members will get together and discuss the issue and bring solutions and an action plan to the group. If a solution cannot be reached and the group’s grade is in jeopardy then step two will be taken. 2. Issue with possible resolutions and an action plan will be given to Judge Thomas for guidance.