Ethic and Science Essay

Science is still now as important as it was before , since it is what keeps us moving forward to the future, to a ‘better’ world that everyone is trying to create. But if we slow down for a moment to think about it, we will be surprise about what we are foreting in this rapid-growing world, which one of them is ethics. Overwhemled by the power of science, we seem to ignore (on purpose or not) the aspect of ethics to focus on productivity.

Whether it is our fault (the people), or the scientists’ fault, it is important that now ethicists and scientists need to know about each other’s works, hence get a wider view to get them the element of balance in their work. This statement was once mentioned in “The Media and the Ethics of Cloning (1997)” by Leigh Turner, which I strongly agree and therefore have done some research about it. If both sit together and have a discussion about their work, they will surely lighten each other’s point of view and appreciation along with it.

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But how is that going to help them doing a better job in the future? It is the matter of respect. If there are respects among them, there will be respects among their work too. Ethictist will reconsider their view about scientists’ work, whether it is ‘brutal, unfair, non-human etc’ or not if it is necessary for the ‘betters’, for what we will be needing in the future to survive (test vacxin on animal to prevent deathly disease).

Scientists will put in their mind the issue of ethics while doing experiment, creating invention (limit experiment on animal, avoid harmful invention like nuclear bomb, bio weapon etc) that has caused some serious damage to the world as we know today. Extinction of various kinds of animals, world war I and II is also partly done by our modern science with misuse. One other thing that we can do to bring science and ethics closer together is throuh mass media. If newspaper, television start mentioning the ethics issue to the public more often, people will have a broader view about them.

And when ‘the people’ are aware of both side of the story, everyone will be more careful from now on, thus our future generation will be able to avoid the mistake that we have made today. “A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world” – Albert Camus. This comment does not support any particular party, but it is worth to think that somehow science are moving us down in term of humanity, and some obsolete ethics values in other hand are holding us from developing toward our future.