Ethic and information technology Essay


This article was written because the writer wants to depict and explicate several points which are:

to work out the inside informations of the standard histories of the constructs of bureau, natural bureau, unreal bureau, and moral bureau, every bit good as articulate the standards for moral bureau.

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to explicate the principle due to the author ‘s claim that these bureaus are taken for granted and why they are widely regarded as noncontroversial in such widely used and respected professionals resources as the Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

to flesh out the deductions of some well-settled theories with regard to the requirements that an ICT must fulfill in order to number as a moral agent accountable for its behaviour.

to state the statement that each of the assorted elements of the necessary conditions for moral bureau presupposes consciousness.

to reference and conclude that the issue of whether unreal moral bureau is possible depends on the issue of whether it is possible for ICTs to be witting.

Writing Manner

This article was the academically written. The writer arranged the authorship by divided the content into several header and so good explicate the subject under the range. The article provided with proper commendations because there were several footers written in rather a batch of pages. The author besides mentioned several name in this article that was related to the surveies. Besides the author has quote some sentence from the others to back up sentences given. There is no information, statistics and illustrations in this article but the author do supply some sort of expression to province and back up the illustration given.

This is non a research paper because they were no information, statistic or graph and even questionnaire given to any parties. It is an analyses of the construct of the subject get downing from basic to more complex.

In this article, the author used so many nomenclatures and it is complicated because the author included the expression and phrase that being used in encyclopaedia to depict the construct and explicate the point. If the author did non give illustration after all the constructs, expressions and theories wrote in this article, it is rather difficult to understand it. The author did supply the illustration but sometimes it merely a metaphor and indirect state of affairs. There are no illustration but this article have an abstract and keyword.


The article was posted in 1st May 2007 and revised in 28th October 2007 ( mention to this nexus – hypertext transfer protocol: // per_id=328842 ) . After that, it was published in Ethical motives and Information Technology Journal in twelvemonth 2009. In this authorship, the author was discussed more about doctrine and in the terminal of the article, there are a small spot about ICT. It is relevant because this paper was included in the Ethical motives and Information Technology Journal. All the content is related to the state of affairs given and the subject. It is besides under the author ‘s survey because the author is an Associate Professor in Department of Philosophy at Seattle University, United States.


The author is an Associate Professor in Department of Philosophy, Seattle University, United States. The author besides wrote many scholarly documents and research documents in the moralss and information engineering field as in the Kenneth Einar Himma ‘s Scholarly Papers Online Database web site that can be retrieved at hypertext transfer protocol: // per_id=328842. From the academic position and the author ‘s dedications, this article articulate and correlated.


The author of this article is Kenneth Einar Himma, Ph.D. , J.D. and the Professor at Department of Philosophy at Seattle Pacific University. In academic field, the author have taught from 1999 – 2001 at Seattle Pacific University in Philosophy Department, 2001 – 2004 at the University of Washington in Philosophy Department, Information School, and Law School, and from 2004 until now at Seattle Pacific University in doctrine. ( The authors Facebook: hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . Kenneth Einar Himma ‘s Scholarly Documents can be download at the website “ Social Science Research Network ( SSRN ) ” at link hypertext transfer protocol: // per_id=328842. The authors concern field are ethic, doctrine and information engineering every bit good as information direction.


The chief group appoint for this article evidently for doctrine, information engineering pupils every bit good as the bureaus that are mentioned in the article which are moral bureau.


This article is more likely an statement of the author to the unreal bureau. The author premiss that these bureaus taken for granted of used and respected professional resources and they are widely regarded as noncontroversial.