Effect of Social Networking Sites to Students Essay

What are Social Networking Sites? Is it good or dreadful to students in their studies? What are the impacts of it on students? These are the questions that were lingering in our minds before we started this research. People have already research about this kind of topic in the past but we still want to discover the answers for these questions by ourselves. For us, SNS or Social media’s are programs that are made so that we can have a much faster communication with the people that we know and people on the places that are far away from us.

It is also a way for us to communicate with other people that we do not know and to start a deep bond with them. The presence of Social media also let us gives other people some information about us even if they don’t ask us to give it. This is also a device for us to have a conversation with people even if we do not actually talk to them face to face. Students in this era with state-of-the-art technology have always encountered a problem in doing their school requirements if they are using internet. This problem is opening of Facebook and other social networking sites while doing the important matters that students tend to do.

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Students like us do not really realize at first that opening SNS like Facebook etc. are a big hindrance in our studies. This is because we care much more in opening our SNS than doing the necessary things that we should do. It is because of the feeling of happiness or excitement that we always have when we open our social media. For example, when you open your Facebook you are always excited about what your friends or your crush posted in the Facebook or maybe because there are fun games that every one of your friends play.

It is the same when you have bought a brand new book and the things inside the book interest you much more than doing you’re school requirements. But the Social Networking Sites doesn’t only have a dreadful impact on the works of students, it also have good effects that can be given to us. Social media like Facebook can give us a much faster communication with our other classmates and even with our teachers; it can also help us improve our technology skills and our communication skills.

We can also use it as a second reference, which means that we can have some of the information that we need even if we don’t get it from the main source. Social media’s have different impact in the studies of all of the students around the world. Some of us are just being affected by good effects while some are just dreadful effects but sometimes where being affected by both of it. Social Networking Sites, be it good or bad is always going to become a part of everyday life of students.

This research paper suggests the usage of social networking sites on whether or not there is a good and bad benefit on doing this. We, the researchers are tasked on knowing what social networking sites the students use, how they incorporate their time on these sites and how they are able to balance their time while doing schoolwork. At the conclusion of our research we should be able to come up with the results to satisfy the title of our paper. You will find out in the paper’s sections of our research paper the methods that we have use to obtain the information or answers for the objective of our research.

This will also contain the limitation of our studies and only subject that we have focused on. Scope and limitation Scope: In this research we gathered statistics about college students who uses Social Networking Sites and we want to know if what is the impact of it to their studies and what do they do to balance their time in studies from their usage of social networking sites and what does the usage of it give to them either good or bad in this research that is what we want to know.

Limitation: In this research we did not include students who are still in high school and grade school level and people also who are not studying already like teachers and other workers we only research on students who are in their college level and our research is only up to the students who uses social networking sites not playing computer games. Statement of the Problem The purpose of this research is to know if what is the effect of social networking sites to college students.

We intend to know how it affect college students if it is really big that it affect their studies causing them to fail and not finish their studies and we also want to explore if what kind of attraction social networking sites offer to them that they can’t easily stop it or adjust their time that sometimes tempted them to not go to classes and just keep on surfing the net and what do they get in using it if they either gain positive or negative idea while using the social networking sites.