Effect of Social Networking Sites on Youth Essay

Let us face it – Social media is everywhere. People talk the “social media tongue” without even knowing it these days. Man made social networking sites and technically he should be changing it according to his needs but the youth today change according to the social networking site. Our world revolves around Facebook, Twitter and sites like that. Like every coin has two sides even this has its own pro’s and con’s. So the question arises of “Social Networking sites- A boon or A bane? ” but no answer.

Our elders say a bane, because it has pulled most of the youth away from responsibilities and into the virtual world. The youngsters say it is a boon because it has kept friends in different parts of the world in touch with each other. It is true that social networking sites are of great advantage to all of us but a boon becomes a bane when it is overused and that is what we need to understand. We cannot orbit around social networks, we need to prioritize and that is what we don’t do.

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Also, it is not only the youth forgetting the responsibilities there are several other problems that we face but cannot recognize yet. As students we rely too much on the information on the social media due to which we have reduced use of our thinking abilities, this may not affect us so much now but later on when we have to do research studies and cannot rely on these networks, this is the exact time when we will face the major difficulties.

The most common way we students make use of our time is by multi-tasking- writing an assignment on one hand and checking notifications on Facebook on the other or following someone on twitter, the only one who is harmed in such a situation is the student because he may be doing his work but without maximum understanding which in turn will lead to decreased academic performance. Now , we have to think who is at loss here. It is definitely not the reators of the social networking sites or the teachers and professors or our parents. Additionally, being a social networking individual may make us an introvert because we reduce our comfort zone to making friends virtually and when it comes to interacting with someone in a social setup we do not know what to say and how to begin a conversation, which leads to us becoming antisocial and in the chain of events even depressed. The old saying’s always hold true in such cases “ Too much of anything is bad. ”