Dream Come True Essay

It all started when I was about a year old, when my parents got the saddest news that they had ever received and had not been hoping for. My parents had found out I had a hearing loss. The day that changed my life forever was on May 10, 2011. May 2011 was the day that I had my skin grafting done for my ears. It had all started when I developed a hearing problem, which led me to getting my first pair of hearing aids. However, it also led me to spending most of my childhood in the hospital.

The reason I was in the hospital was because I had to have several sets of tubes put in my ears, because of my hearing loss. I often got picked on, beaten up, and also had my hearing aids broken several times in middle school. I remember one beautiful spring day I was so happy because we had a guest speaker that day. After the speaker had left as the class was heading back to the class room, these two average height popular, snobby girls decided to try and ruin my day. The girls started picking on me that day.

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I remember these days like it was yesterday, the flowers were blooming and the sun was shining. I also got to wear my favorite green skirt with dark green flowers on it. The reason the two average height girls started picking on me was because the girls were jealous that I was 75lbs and skinner than them. As a result of the hearing loss I also got special attention due to my hearing disabilities. However, because the girls kept picking on me I had become frightened and nervous to come to school every day. When I graduated from middle school the bullying finally stopped.

As a result of not wearing the hearing aids anymore, I almost went deaf, and was put into special education classes that only had about 3-5 students in the class. I was put in the class because I was ashamed that I had to wear the hearing aids every day. The day I turned sixteen was the saddest day ever because my doctor had told me I would not be able to receive the surgery to cover up the perforated holes in my ears. The surgery was too risky to do and he did not want to take the risk of the graft not taking to the perforated hole.

Also, there would only be a 40% chance it would work, so I would have to continue to wear the hearing aids. The day I turned twenty two years old I had my last pair of tubes taken out. When the doctor took the tubes out I was awake for the whole procedure and it felt like I had a really bad case of swimmers ear. The way the doctor took the tubes out of my ears is that they used a long pair of tweezers and when it came out it popped really badly and it continued to feel like swimmers ear for several days.

When I turned twenty four years old I was very anxious to have found out I was going to have the surgery. I have been waiting for that day my whole life. It did not matter that the surgery was only a day surgery and four hours long. I was very ecstatic to finally have the skin graft done at St Luks hospital in New Bedford on May 2011. After the surgery, the recovery process was very painful for a while. The most painful part was the follow up when the doctor took the stitches and the staples out of my head.

The way he did that was by ripping off the bandages and using the very large tweezers and scissors and cutting the stitches out of my head but it was all worth it in the end. So from then on I was not picked on anymore despite I am in college now and living a normal life. I still need to wear my hearing aids but not as much as I did in middle school or high school. Since the surgery my life and hearing has improved tremendously over the last few years.