Distraction and Audience Essay

1. Which survey question and corresponding results provide the most evidence of audience support for your goal prior to the audience members hearing your speech? Justify your answer. Is your work performance judged primarily on tasks you perform versus managing others? This question really should get the attention of the audience because everyone wants to be a boss. 2. Which question and corresponding results provide the most evidence that it might be difficult to achieve the goal for your speech?

Justify your answer. Does your work environment contain more potential distractions than your home environment? This question analyzes that the audience would get distracted easily from either home or work, but mostly at home. 3. What would you do during the speech preparation phase to maximize the likelihood of convincing this audience that your position is valid? Provide some specific steps you would take to prepare your speech to meet the needs of the audience based on the survey results.

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I would figure out how long the attention span of the audience is so I can determine how long my speech should be and how fast I should get to my point. Also I would make sure my audience is comfortable with in a comfortable environment. During 4. Which audience behaviors during the speech seem to indicate support for the statements you made? What could you do during your speech delivery to capitalize on the apparent support? Most audience members look interested, and a few sit up straight and have questioning expressions.

To maintain this behavior I would speak about all the positive things about the topic that first caught their attention. 5. Which audience behaviors during the speech seem to indicate opposition to the statements that you made? Describe what you would do during your speech delivery to try to overcome the apparent opposition. One audience member crossed their arms and looked at the clock on the wall. To overcome this opposition I would just jump right into something that would make the audience more excited such as bonuses for the employees. 6. Do any of the listed audience behaviors imply anything other than support or opposition? If so, which one(s)? What would you do during your speech delivery to respond to this/these behaviors? About half the audience members look confused. To fix this behavior I would go into explain what it means. And break it down piece by piece. After 7. Assume you are going to deliver the same speech to a different audience the following week. Based on the verbal feedback you receive after the speech from the audience member, what steps would you take to improve the speech for your next delivery?

I would do a more in dept analysis of my audience. I would also have a visual presentation along with my speech. 8. If none of the audience members approach you after the speech, what would you do? Why is it important to get feedback from audience members after you deliver a speech? I would induct in my next speech an ending that leaves the audience in question. It is important to get feedback because you want your audience to be happy and interested in your speech. You want them to keep coming to your speeches in the future.