Days of Our Lives Essay

We, human beings, love indulging ourselves into constant dilemmas. The faint whisper of our subconscious mind sometimes clouds our judgments. How often do we get to take a deep plunge within ourselves and endeavor to answer all the questions that play hide and seek with our consciousness? The true perception of right and wrong has always baffled us. There lies a morbid thin line between right and wrong, light and darkness, and one shadowy staggering step can lead to our downfall.

A decision, whether a wise one or a daft one; is a collective output of our brain and the random floating thoughts occurring in our mind. We are very much aware of the cliched saying “our minds say something while our hearts sing a different note. ” We can always speculate that in most cases while making a decision, our inner selves get divided into many entities, each having its own version, perspective and verdicts, and when we can decipher and manifest our inner thoughts only then we can go on to recapitulate the forms presented by our collective personalities and reach the final verdict.

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Human mind resides in a complex domain. Even a minuscule matter like the fluttering of a butterfly wing can have drastic consequences while a human mind is performing its endless errands of complex calculations. We often find ourselves confined into a state of reclusion while we formulate our thoughts. Several features go into consideration. Logic and feelings, both, are entwined while making a decision. Decision-making is a cognitive process where the outcome is a choice between alternatives.

We often have different preferences as to our preferred, approach, varying between thinking and feeling. A human brain picks up signals through its vital sense organs and simultaneously our thoughts and perceptions are churned in the shadow cauldron, we call the mind. Some decisions are taken instantly. Like for instance, while crossing a road we only have our senses at work. Here we only let our brain do the math and figure out a roadmap while calculating the speed of the traffic on the road.

But when it comes to taking a Herculean decision like whether we still want to be involved in a romantic relationship which is not working out at the moment and completely disrupting our daily life, takes way more than sensible brainwork. So many intangible issues are deeply embedded in a situation like this. Issues like, feelings, unforgettable moments, all the affection and vulnerability come into play. One might not want to continue but then he/she finds her being in a fragile state.

We specially find such tough situations occurring in romantic relationships which have at least lasted for more than two/ three years. As I have already started talking about such a complex issue like relationship then we can always venture further down the lane of this obscure domain. Love, Infatuation and other related feelings like crushes and likings are all sewn together in such a delicate tapestry. I would like to say that the very definitions of these terms are very murky. So how can we take decisions associated with those feelings whose very definitions bewilder us?

I would want to go further. If we ought to make a decision regarding such complex issues then something more intangible than logic, feelings spring up from the hidden curtains of our consciousness; I call them memories. The memories circumnavigating a loved one are hard to forget. Even if the loved one walks away into oblivion, his/her memories still keep on haunting us. The effervescence of these memories and the tidal waves created are omnipresent. Therefore when we know that things aren’t always working out we don’t give up very easily.

We stick to our loved ones, try to fix the situation so that we don’t take a random decision based on current logical deductions and emotions so that we don’t feel any remorse in the future. The collective perception comes in the form of logic, feelings and collective memory. I have already discussed the classic case of love and the factors involving the decision that go in it. Now I want to explore the dark side of love and the once again the dilemma people face to reach a decision. Infidelity is a social taboo.

It destroys years of relationships and kills years of accumulated trust. So what makes people decide to go for infidelity? Would any person with a sane mind give up a loving relationship and decide to descend to such an abominable path? Would logic and conscience hinder? Logic and conscience would surely vote for stability instead of engaging in such abhorring practices. But we do see people getting involved in such malpractices. In a situation like this the dominating factors are again emotions and feelings, feelings of hatred, boredom, dissatisfaction, towards the current partner.

The famous French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau said that “human beings are born free but everywhere they are in chains. ” We live amid a set of rules and norms in a society. Our decisions sometimes are also a byproduct of our social and cultural norms. Our desires, our feelings, our strong responsiveness sometimes overwrite the sagacity of our logical deduction Thousands of years of evolution have given us a powerful brain but we always forget that deep inside our core we are still nomadic animals. Yet we reign supreme and at the end of the day and we find our way back home.