Cultural values change over time but they can also be universally relevant Essay

Cultural values change over time but they can also be universally relevant. The books The books The Road by Cormac McCarthy, and Dantes Inferno both demonstrate this. The road, a post apocalyptic journey through America, where man fights off temptations and succumbs to violence to survive in an anarchy. Dantes Inferno however takes the form of a poem about a mans journey against temptation through the darkest places of hell.

Dante acts as an observer of the sin of man, but is tempted like others in hell to fall into a state where there is no such divine moral. 1. Values of Love and redemption. Redemption is seen almost immediately in the Inferno as there is a strong sense of conviction towards God. In the road there is nihilism because of the context of a post apocalyptic America, a country once thought to be untouchable and infallible, a world where “there is no god and we are his prophets”.

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The Inferno sees redemption as a journey to re uniting with god and rejecting sin, whereas the road sees redemption as resisting temptation, and upholding divine morals where there is no hope of a divine salvation. 2. Cannibalism and Suicide. Other universal themes of Cannibalism and suicide are also prevalent througout the road. Both choices are seen as the easy way out. It much easier in the road to kill someone to eat, rather than search days for food, and not find any.

It is much easier to take on a new lover of death, and take the selfish option to others desert in seeking the ultimate satisfaction. 3. The stylistic conventions in the road are similar to that in the Inferno. They both have the character of a guide whom protects from sin, they both take the form of a journey in which they are both observers of corrupt society in which they must uphold divine values, and both use a prophet as a catalyst for change in man. 4. Contextually similar with a corrupt government, and hubris nature. American greed, exceptionalism, infallibility, causes for an apocalypse.