Correction Trends Evolution Essay

Prisons are at a higher demand in this economy. As our world expands there are more crimes that are on rise and more individuals who are being sloppy and being caught for the crimes that they are committing. With more people being captured that leaves less space to house these criminals. We face more problems now than we did in the earlier years, now individuals are committing crimes just to see if they can get away with it or to try and prove a point to their friends.

This paper will touch on some of the issues facing prison and prison administrators and also the roles of the alternate correction system as a developing trend. The prison house violent and repeat criminals who just cannot handle being in the outside world. When a person is convicted of a crime there are number of places to which they can go to serve out there sentence. There are prisons, jails, second chance homes, boot camps and or probation, depending on the crime that was committed and whom it was committed by.

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When a person is sentenced to serve their time in prison there are so many things that may go through that person’s mind. One is will they have to sleep on the floor, which prison will they be located at and the people that will be around them. In the prisons there are multiple organizations and gangs that the inmates can be from and some have no choice in the matter but to be from a certain organization. It is a different world being incarcerated and the issues that a person may have had on the outside world is totally different between the issues that they face now that they are incarcerated.

In many prisons around the world, especially in conflict areas, there is a high rate of infection by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) – the virus that attacks the body’s immune system, rendering the patient vulnerable to a whole range of diseases and ultimately causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). ( (“Hiv/aids In Prison: Facing Hte Challenges”, 2008). ). Other disease that is growing in the prison system is TB. TB and the dieses known as HIV react off of one another.

There are many causes of the wide spread of these infections that include, dirty needle sharing, tattoos and sexual intercourse between men that are locked up. There are more reported cases of HIV in the prison system then there are in the outside world, and one of the factors for rising cases of HIV in the outside world is due to individuals who were incarcerated and having unprotected sex, and get out and have unprotected sex with the females . HIV is one of the worst viruses to come in contact with because there is no cure for it.

There is no way to actually stop the transmission of HIV or TB in neither the prison system nor the outside world. We can only let the individuals know how this disease can affect them. Overcrowding in the prison systems is another major issue that should be addressed and taken care of promptly. With the prison being overcrowded it is less likely for the men and women to become rehabilitated because there are too many inmates to take the time to sit with one and find out the reason for what they have done and try to help them overcome whatever boundaries they may be facing.

Corrections Officers and Prison Guards are on the front lines in this battle, but are outnumbered by the population they are charged with monitoring (“Problems With Over Crowding Prisons “, 2011). There are too many inmates and not enough staff, due to those issues that is why there is such a high turnover in the prison systems. When raids brake out in prisons there is not much the guards can do to control them because they are outnumbered by many. Maybe in the years to come there may be fewer prisons with overcrowding issues and less repeat offenders who are being arrested.

One of the alternatives to prison is a suspended sentence. A suspended sentence is a penalty that a judge gives a defendant convicted of a crime but is not enforced by the judge if the defendant stays out of trouble for a year. This sentence is not a get out of jail free card because there is a price to pay. When a person agrees to a suspended sentence that person must vow to stay out of trouble pay probation or parole cost, do some sort of community service and visit a probation officer.

If the defendant so happens to get him/herself in any trouble while on a suspended sentence his sentence will be revoked in the defendant previous sentence will be enforced. When a person is placed on probation there are strict guidelines that the person must follow if they want to be released. They must report to the officer at a scheduled time, have random house visits from the officer and also take random drug screenings. If a person for any reason fail it obey one of these commands they probation will be revoked and will have to serve the rest of their time in jail.

The judge may also require that restitution or probation fees be paid. When ordered to pay restitution the payment must be paid in full or a warrant could be issued for the person arrest. If the defendant for any reason cannot afford the amount that the judge has ordered them to pay they can always go back in front of a judge and ask that the fines be reduced. Asking that the fines be reduced does not mean that they will dismiss the fines, just reduce the amount you pay each month. Restitution will be paid until the person has a zero balance but must be paid in full in order for them to be released from probation.

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