Control of inventory system Essay


It could non be argued that the immerge of Information Technology has brought concern its topographic point present twenty-four hours. The Informatics revolutions have ever brought new solutions that come up with new challenges, which keep the demand for newer solutions uninterrupted. Information Technology created new concerns being run and managed on the internet called e-business and developed other concerns internally and globally.

Some concerns found that it is indispensable to fall in the development which needed them some attempt to transform the company and change over it into an e-business. Others, who stayed where they were have shortly discovered the importance of IT application in every major of its concern. Using experts of IT to assist the transition, and by agencies of IT it includes Data base experts, networking professionals, accounting and stock list control systems applications, web site interior decorators and decision makers, … etc. Some concerns do engage some professionals from other IT solutions companies while others assign their ain.

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Pull offing of stock list for any concern, weather it is little or large, is one of the most of import, and frequently least handled, maps for a concern proprietor. Everything revolves around it: Gross saless, Customer Service, Accounting, Planning, Purchasing, etc.

Barcodes Inc ( 2009 ) defines the stock list control system as “A set of hardware and package based tools that automate the procedure of tracking stock list. The sorts of stock list tracked with an stock list control system can include about any type of quantifiable good, including nutrient, vesture, books, equipment, and any other point that consumers, retail merchants, or jobbers may purchase.”

The paper in manus is sing a general intent of design and execution of an Inventory System developed around the criterions which so can be customized harmonizing to the demands of any company. The system would assist companies get the better of chief challenges that are confronting them by pull offing the Control Stock activities such as merchandising, purchasing goods and studies managing.

However, the chief intent of the system is to use the point ‘s information as input informations and produce the purchase information as an end product. On the Other manus, the system will back up publishing some functional studies harmonizing to the company ‘s demands.

Therefore, when studied companies ‘ general demands – sing control stock issues, it concluded that companies ‘ ends and satisfactions are accomplishable within the given clip restrictions. However, control of stock list system, which typically represents 45 % to 90 % of all disbursals for a concern, is needed to guarantee that the concern has the right goods on manus to avoid stock-outs, besides to forestall shrinking and unsure accounting. Many concerns have fair enough of their limited resources, capital, tied up in their major assets and stock list. Worse than that, they may hold their capital tied up in the incorrect sort of stock list. Inventory may be old, worn out, shop-worn, disused, or the incorrect sizes or colorss, or there may be an instability among different merchandise lines that reduces the client entreaty and concerns of the entire operation.

This undertaking would descry the light upon common jobs faced during the application of Inventory Control System and would propose some solutions to get the better of these jobs. So we can state to any concern “Control it before it controls you” .

As in this paper we are concerned about the stock list control systems, we are traveling to look into the function of stock list in general and stock list control systems in specific.

In the literature reappraisal we are traveling to analyse some findings from diaries, articles and net sites that largely describe the function of stock list control systems and their jobs.

In the 2nd portion which is Methodology the information aggregation and research methods which would be fundamentally: face-to-face interviews with three concerns that vary in services, size and demands but portion the demand to hold an effectual stock list control system. Equally good as detecting those companies to foreground the chief issues to be addressed. We would besides see the findings from diaries and some instance surveies to assist us understand the challenges in deepness. We would besides analyse the collected information in order to acquire the full position of the issue.

Following, we are traveling to turn to the challenges that have immerged from informations aggregation of these concerns. Those challenges would decidedly vary as every company has its single demands as they provide different services. But they do all meet at one point where there is a demand for an effectual stock list control system whether there is one used before or non.

The following subdivision of this paper is concerned about the proposed system which would propose a system designed to ease the procedure of stock list control and forestall the jobs that occurred before. This would be explained via a conceptual design every bit good as a information flow diagram which has three chief histrions: provider, client and bank.

Subsequently, we would explicate the consequences of using the proposed system, as some solutions would profit some concerns than the others as every company would be treated individually. This subdivision would besides include some findings from resources depicting the benefit that some companies gained upon application of stock list control systems.

Discussion is the following subdivision which would concentrate on measuring the findings from consequences and associating them with the old findings from the literature reappraisal. One could state how good the usage of using the ICS and how many losingss would be eliminated to be added to borders.


Manuel L. Alcuaz Jr ( 2008 ) describes the stock list stating “ Inventory is a major concern for most retail merchants. Some do n’t hold any information on their stock list motion or degrees. As a consequence they experience many and frequent stock outs, while 1000000s of pesos are tied up in slow-moving or non-moving stock list. The job can be due to the sheer figure of points, the complexness of points, or holding really many locations. ”

This shows the effects of holding no dependable stock list systems, as the provider would endure from stock outs he would hold to transport in more stock to cover the demands whereas there is adequate stock but this all is due to system failures or mistakes.

Rover Data Systems, Inc ( 2008 ) published a paper says “Control it before it controls you” . The paper discussed different points on the importance of stock list control system for different concerns. It addressed four types of concerns. First, industry to stock concern that builds to stock harmonizing to a program so waits for orders to come. Second, industry to order concern that waits for orders to come, so builds a client specific merchandise. Third, distributors which purchases and stocks merchandise, so sells to client and eventually the kitter that purchases and supports elaborate stock list on manus, so rapidly assembles or battalions to present to the client when ordered.

Inventories vary in the ways they are being managed, although we are sing the machine-controlled stock list control system, it is worthy to understand the jobs of stock list in general. Weber ( 2008 ) explains these cardinal symptoms of an stock list as follows:

  • A company has excessively many of the incorrect points and production deficits.
  • Frequent nightlong cargos.
  • The ageless degrees on the computing machine are ever incorrect.
  • Large end-of-the-year write-downs.
  • Congested works floors.
  • If person ‘s looking for an point, the whole crew has to travel out and hunt.
  • Duty for stock list degrees is ill-defined.

Therefore, they could be all categorized as direction jobs. I think that these jobs could all have been prevented if they was a rigorous and organized direction that highlights the function of every individual employee. Such as the job of congestion of points, nightlong cargos could hold been eliminated if there was even one employee making his occupation as should be. But, we can non disregard the fact that usage of an machine-controlled system would speed up the pending occupations. In other words, the concern would necessitate to hold focused schemes sing the stock list degrees.

This leads us to Naples ( 2008 ) who claims the duty on the degree Fahrenheit directors to better stock list non inventory employees who merely have to execute certain occupations. He defines the director ‘s function in stock list as follows:

  • Keep the right staff degree ; Make sure all section forces receive required preparation.
  • Hold section meetings to discourse jobs and ways to better.
  • Become every bit adept as possible with the inventory-control system.
  • Control and work to cut down unsold particular order parts, non-stock parts and extra stock list.
  • Control parts stock list obsolescence. This is the most volatile influence on keeping disbursals as obsolescence additions, the stock list keeping disbursals become more punitory. Any net incomes made from points that are selling will be lost to keeping costs for points that are non selling.
  • Optimize scenes to cut down stock list deepness, construct stock list breadth, and cut down the likeliness of extra stock and obsolescence.

I would hold to hold with Naples, particularly that he was more precise than Weber. Because, even with the handiness of an stock list Control system at that place needs to be the right application, control and planning of this system. So they have to be trained and listened to foreground their jobs with the system and set together the suggested solutions.

Mawson ( 2009 ) says “ retail merchants need to be focused more than of all time on seting good stock control systems in topographic point to guarantee they do non overpay providers, and to cut down the hazard of holding points stolen off shelves. A study into loss bar has found that excessively many retail merchants merely accept shrinking as a fact of life, a fact that could be them up to 3 % of gross, and all excessively many think that larceny plays a bigger function than systems, a idea that could good be flawed. ”

I believe that many retail merchants focus their attempts on internal and external larceny by paying for CCTVs and security systems, where the chief issue is frequently process failure which drags into escape and shrinking where cipher knows where these sums are gone. All what it needs from retail merchants and concerns is to concentrate on stock list control systems and see them as an investing.

Inventory Control Systems are -as any other systems- non error free. Harmonizing to Sahin and Dallery ( 2009 ) sing the 1000s of points may come in and travel out the system in a on the job twenty-four hours the Possible mistakes such as defects that affect the physical flow and the associated information flow can hence be important.

A study held by Hollinger and Davis ( 2001 ) shows that among mistakes doing disturbance on the physical flow, internal and external larceny, administrative mistakes and fraud made by seller accounted for 1.8 % of gross revenues in US retail industry in 2001 ; presuming an one-year gross revenues base of $ 1.8 trillion this costs US retail merchants $ 33 billion.

In other words this immense sum of hard currency can lost all around the universe, it merely is a crisis impacting retail merchants and is go oning to go on yearly. This is due to either merely bad informations or proficient mistakes in the stock list systems that have been trusting on raddled systems believing that they are salvaging money by maintaining the same system. Whereas, doing the right determination by a rigorous system update policy can salvage more sums than what is being lost.

A paper published 2002 by SCORE ( Counsellors to America ‘s Small Business ) suggest that stock list control systems range from eyeball systems to reserve stock systems to ageless computer-run systems. It concerned with three signifiers of stock list that is Natural stuffs, In-process or semi-finished goods, and Finished goods. The Eyeball System is the standard stock list control system for the huge bulk of little retail and many little fabrication operations and is really simple in application but in this attack the director have to look into the shop and record any stock deficit which is really hard. Reserve Stock ( or Brown Bag ) System is much more systematic than the orb system as it keeps full control over the stock and guarantee that the new cargo should get merely as the last of the modesty stock is being used. In Ageless Inventory Systems a programmed direction referred to normally as a trigger, automatically transmits an order to the appropriate seller once supplies fall below a prescribed degree.

Floyd D. Hedrick ( 2006 ) suggests several proven methods for stock list control, which used for little concern. The methods from simplest to most complex are Ocular control, Tickler control, Click sheet control, and Stub control. Today as concern grows computer-based system is used and is enhanced by the fact that company accounting and charge processs can besides be handled on the computing machine. Point-of-sale terminuss relay information on each point used or sold. The director receives information printouts at regular intervals for reappraisal and action. Off-line point-of-sale terminuss relay information straight to the provider ‘s computing machine who uses the information to transport extra points automatically to the buyer/inventory director.

Large concerns presents are obliged to depend on accurate and up-to-date stock list systems by agencies of put ining the RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification ) so they can hold accurate stock list counts and to avoid the monolithic loss. The Freightliner-Western Star Trucks as the taking heavy-duty truck maker in North America in a published instance survey ( 2008 ) has proven the dependability of the Motorola RFID. As a consequence the company quotes “The installed solution has already proven itself at the Portland works. Labor costs associated with stock list control have been reduced significantly, as have informations mistakes and mis-ships.” ( Motorola Inc, 2008 ) .

Tracking the instance study- sing the singularity of each corporate- by put ining the RFID system can forestall the mistakes and avoid several jobs that where found in concerns and specially sing little concerns that lack the experience of determination doing cognizing their precedences in investing.

Jon Schreibfeder ( 2008 ) wrote “Effective Inventory Management allows a distributer to run into or transcend clients ‘ outlooks of merchandise handiness with the sum of each point that will maximise net net incomes. ” He thinks that there is a relationship between the stock list direction and the distribution of goods and of class on the client. Indeed he sees that clients may depend on you to hold some of your slow-moving merchandises ever on the shelf merely in instance they need them. The handiness of these merchandises contributes to your repute as a “ dependable provider ” and helps to distinguish you from your rivals. It is true that this position shows the importance of holding an effectual stock list control system, but there are many other of import positions. For illustration in assembly line industry any deficit in the row stuff will do closing down the whole line, which means losing clip, attempt, and money.

A paper published by Claudio, Zhang and Zhang ( 2007 ) proposed a intercrossed system, which combines a make-to-order push system with a make-to-stock pull system in nutrient industry. The paper suggests “The make-to-stock scheme will be applied to those clients who come in bespeaking a merchandise at the clip of reaching, and the make-to-order will be applied to those clients who can give information in progress about their needs” . The intercrossed system is designed to get the better of the most of import jobs that faced nutrient industry which is competition and how to present the service to the client fast and in a good quality.

Edward A. Silver, ( 2005 ) published a paper with the rubric “Inventory Management: A Tutorial, Canadian Publications, Practical Applications and Suggestion for Future Research” . This paper foremost presents a tutorial overview of stock list direction. This includes a classification, by a figure of dimensions, of stock list jobs and associated theoretical accounts. Relevant Canadian parts to cardinal and applied theory are listed within the dimensions. Then significant grounds is provided of widespread Canadian applications of stock list direction. The paper points out the go oning spread between theory and pattern, followed by a figure of suggested research subjects to assist bridge the spread.

Zipkin, P.H. had published his book “Foundations of Inventory Management” McGraw-Hill, ( 2000 ) . In this book he says that “all organisations in any sector of the economic system, Supply Chain Management, i.e. , the control of the stuff flow from providers of natural stuff to concluding clients, is a important job. The strategic importance of this country is today to the full recognized by top direction. The entire investing in stock lists is tremendous, and the control of capital tied up in natural stuff, work-in-progress, and finished goods offers a really of import potency for improvement.” This book suggests a broad scope of different stock list theoretical accounts that can be used when developing stock list control systems to give a important competitory advantage.


The purposes of this research experiment is to descry the visible radiation on the most common jobs that face little concerns in maintaining path of their stock lists for a better resource direction. It is traveling to foreground the grounds behind non using stock list systems and garnering needed information about the concern ends and resources to use a suited stock list system.

– Data Collection methods


The research would carry on a unrecorded interview with a little concern proprietor Eng. Ali Al-Asfoor from ARC fiction and welding services. Which is a little constitution started 2008 supplying fiction and welding services for persons and corporate.

Another interview would be held with Mr. Adel Al-Shaer an stock list director at Hajji Hassan Al-A’ali concern group. It is considered one of the largest concern groups in Bahrain supplying edifice and pre-cast services.

The 3rd interview would take topographic point with Mr. Hassan Ali an stock list director at Al Jabiria Technical School, which is a public school as an illustration of stock list systems in the general sector.


A full working twenty-four hours was held at Al-Jabiria Technical school by the aid of one of the instructors at that place to describe the procedure of stock list tracking system.


Several web published diaries were used to happen out the major jobs that encountered concerns upon the application of stock list control systems.

Case surveies

The Freightliner-Western Star Trucks as the taking heavy-duty truck maker in North America, has enriched the research by supervising their usage of stock list control systems utilizing the RFID engineering from Motorola.

– Data analysis

It has been recognized that Arc welding and fiction do non hold stock list system and they need one to maintain path of their supplies which consist of metal bars of different sizes, accoutrements, pigments, welding stuffs so it can salvage their clip and money as if bulk orders were made it is cheaper.

Al’ali group had an stock list system which is the saloon codification scanning but with some truth mistakes. The stock list director at Al’ali group lead to place three types of stock list: row stuffs, merchandises, and goods. It gave the research a clear position about the stock list way. The proprietor order new goods and kept in the shop. When the client made the order, the salesman would look into the shop if the goods are available or non – If non, the salesman would put an order once more. Next, the client would pay the money and salesman would give him a reception, if the client was non willing to give a full payment, the salesman would salvage the debt to province the staying money. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours, the salesman would roll up the money and direct it to the Bank. And in some state of affairss, the client might desire to return the goods, therefore the salesman will replace the goods and record it.

Finally, the school ‘s stock list system was complete manual which took clip and attempt from employees.

By utilizing work observation technique the research divided the system demands into two groups, Functional Requirements and Non-Functional Requirements.

  • Functional Requirements: In this demand class, the research considers the functional demands ; within this undertaking, it defines the system services and its functionalities. Furthermore, it provides a elaborate description of the informations.
  • Non-Functional Requirements: Sing the non-functional demands, the research defines system belongingss and constrains. Consequently, through this undertaking, it tried to take in head system constrains and limitations that company requested in order to accomplish the coveted public presentation.


Pull offing stock list by implementing stock list package is an indispensable portion of successful and well-organized concern organisation, to pull off stock list in more effectual and efficient mode. In Today ‘s competitory concern universe, concern directors should cognize the cardinal operations of the concern better. Therefore powerful stock list package helps to easy pull off entire stock list and invoicing system to maximise the stock list direction benefits. Powerful stock list tracking package allows you to entree the relevant information of the merchandises including:

  • Accurate information of received goods.
  • Motion of goods within or between locations.
  • Entire gross revenues or purchase order of goods.
  • Removal or other temperament of goods.
  • Status of staying goods.
  • Information of stock list points.

If any organisation does non implement an automated computerized system – manage and supervise the activities of their stock-ins and out ; it can non foretell what points are available in stock and their precise measures. Sometime, the on the job staff may bury or mislay the original monetary value of the merchandise doing them non to cognize the lower limit allowed monetary value to sell. This would decidedly decelerate up the procedure of the concern and this would impact other activities public presentation that can non be controlled and tonss of information that could non be clear or available, as the types of information listed above.

As a consequence of concern analysis and workflow observations, unluckily, many companies are confronting jobs with their current systems whether it was a manual or a half machine-controlled system. Our chief concern is to construct the new system as a solution for these jobs.

Furthermore, we had a figure of meetings with some companies ‘ staff and representatives to discourse some thoughts sing the alterations and the betterments needed to be made. In add-on, we had the opportunity to track the occupation workflow these companies, and at the same clip we were able to take some notes while detecting. As a consequence, we concluded that the major current jobs are:

  • Many of the current manual systems contain some sensitive maps that were implemented manually, particularly the computation maps. As a consequence of this, truth leaking may look during these mathematical procedures. Consequently, utilizing the mathematical maps in the intentional system and turning all these manual procedure to an machine-controlled system will vouch the coveted accurate consequences. This instance was obvious in Arc fiction and welding services, which was trusting on manual computations that lead to informations escape which likely cause loss in sums that would be increasing if an automated stock list system was non applied.
  • Approximately, all of the current manual systems did non back up printed paperss where the studies are printed individually by employees who are in charge of HR activities. This procedure leads to less efficient public presentation and wastage in employee ‘s clip. Actually, printed studies and other paperss are one of the chief maps in any stock list system. Sing user satisfaction, the new designed system will back up paperss publishing procedure in such a manner that ensures simpleness, dependability and efficiency. Adel Alshaer caput of stock list at Hajji Hassan Al’Ali group said “ We had to make the measure surveying and register them into our system which is depending on spread sheets so present the computations and so make studies upon the findings which needs excess attempt and clip from us. ”
  • On the other manus, sing the current machine-controlled systems, clip is a critical restriction that faces both employees and directors. As a consequence of concern analysis, many current automated systems contains some system debugs which need the system support squad to be involved profoundly in running the system maps. Therefore, this engagement is a really clip devouring undertaking which may impact the system public presentation and do some forbidden holds in the system ‘s critical procedures. Therefore, there is an pressing and indispensable demand for a reliable stock list system that would be less clip by being accurate with decreased proficient debugs.


The chief end of the system is to do a concern able to hold a closer expression onto their stock, hold more control on activities refering maintaining of stock list, and commanding the related fiscal issues. This system is expected to work out the jobs that any concern may confront while keeping stock list. Plus, the system will help the buying section to maintain ideal degree of stock and to avoid any fiscal disbursals that may happen as consequence of implementing improper policy of keeping stock list.

Listed below, some points that explain the chief aims and characteristics of this system:

  • Pull off the company stock list system in effectual mode.
  • Facilitate to bring forth study to analysis entire gross revenues and purchase of the points.
  • Facilitate to maintain the entire sale/purchase order of the merchandises.
  • Facilitate with customizable options that are easy to utilize.
  • Display stock list informations in a friendly user interface manner.
  • Keep path the client records for client relationship direction ( CRM ) .
  • Save clip with automatically ciphering sums and making undertakings.
  • Keep high degree of security at shopping clip, numbering clip and upon the show of information by supplying accurate stock list quality information.
  • Provide information on the handiness of stock points and the position of stock requisition by making a series of databases that will hive away merchandise and/or point information efficaciously.
  • Decrease of mistakes in minutess.
  • Reducing manual system use.
  • Ability to run in different environments as a consequence of fast turning companies.

Contextual Diagram

The context diagram of any system shows the external entities and the flow of informations between those entities and the whole system. The undermentioned figure1 shows this sing the designed Inventory System.

The square is a representation of the system boundary. The system boundary defines what is inside and outside the system which is shown in Figure2.

The system fundamentally will work like this:

First the provider will have an order. Any utile information about the order will be entered in the system by the user who will salvage it in the order database. Then the user should see the stock information which related to the order in manus by utilizing a hunt engine throw the buying section. The hunt technique could be modified to suit the organisation. If the stock is non available the order will be cancelled. If the stock is available an bill will be created and give it or direct it to the client. Finally, when the client pays the money, studies will be sent to the bank. The system besides will hold entree to CRM database for client relationship support. See figure3.

The information flow diagram shows the relationship between the provider, client and the bank. The new system would suggest that sequence operations could get down with the provider that sends the orders to the company. Once the order is received it is being stored so if the stock is available in the needed measure the bill is being proceeded, and if there is no stock available the stock list staff would hold to reach the provider until the procedure is being proceeded once more until here. The bill is being created and sent to the client. The payment would either travel straight to the bank via a check or by hard currency to the provider.


The system helps the organisation to maintain path on its providers, clients and the point motion ; be it stock-in or out, or between different subdivisions, or to-from the clients. The ICS gives concern the ability to hold a closer expression to their stock, hold more control on the activities refering maintaining of stock list, and commanding the related fiscal issues. Plus, it provides the concern with plus direction solution to increase warehouse and concern productiveness.

ICS resoluteness besides the undermentioned jobs:

  • What you sold?
  • What you need to order?
  • What should be left in stock?

The impact of ICS usage on the selected concerns:

As three companies were chosen, had several jobs with their stock list and stock direction ; the jobs were explained in the “ Challenges ” subdivision. The proposed system suggested solutions upon the mentioned challenges and its suggested solutions should make as follows:

  • Supply a dependable and accurate stock list system to forestall informations escape. The proposed system suggests usage of an incorporate system that links the provider, client and bank. This starts from constructing informations bases -if non available- utilizing informations warehouse. This would take into more net income depending on the stock and supplies measure as it is in Arc Fabrication and welding and Al’Aali group. Besides salvaging more points in shops to be used for the following old ages in the instance of the school ‘s stock list.
  • Salvaging clip and attempt: This would evidently impact concerns and clip is besides money in the concern universe. Reports would be generated automatically upon utilizing an automated stock list system. This would salvage employees clip and attempt supplying accurate studies so that employees would be busy following up with other jobs. Hassan Ali, stock list director at Aljaberya School “ We had to make summational studies per semester which needed a hebdomad at least to complete after making all the computations and informations entry via dispersed sheets and making the charts so informations analysis and composing studies. We even find it hard and some mistakes could happen due to miss of organisation and experience in such topics.
  • Elimination of proficient mistakes: This would be clearly noticed in the replacing of an stock list control system alternatively of utilizing spreadsheets in the instance of AlA’ali group while this solution does non use the other two companies as they were non utilizing an machine-controlled system fundamentally.

Other illustrations by efficaciously pull offing stock list utilizing an Intelligence community:

  • Xerox eliminated $ 700 million stock list from its supply concatenation.
  • GM has reduced parts stock list and transit costs by 26 % yearly.
  • Wal-Mart became the largest retail company using efficient stock list direction.

“ Wal-Mart ‘s system helps it keep its signature “ mundane low monetary values ” by stating shop directors which merchandises are selling and which are taking up shelf and warehouse infinite. Inventory direction systems are the regulation for such endeavors, but smaller concerns and sellers use them, excessively. The systems guarantee clients ever have sufficiency of what they want and balance that end against a retail merchant ‘s fiscal demand to keep as small stock as possible. Mismanaged stock list agencies defeated clients, excessively much hard currency tied up in warehouses and slower gross revenues. Factors such as quicker production rhythms, a proliferation of merchandises, multi-national production contracts and the nature of the big-box shop make them a necessity. ”

Inventory package becomes a important portion of little, mid and big concern organisations to pull off stock list system in accurate mode. ICS is designed to be utile for different users such as:

  • Retailers
  • Whole Sellerss
  • Service advisers
  • Manufacturers
  • Food service sellers
  • Loading topographic points
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants and more…

The execution of appropriate stock list control regulations delivers the logistics operations of organisations a competitory advantage on the market topographic point. This is besides true for particular types of networked fabrication supply ironss such as production webs which have complex topologies and increased complexness due to their logistic and production procedures, information holds and the globalized markets.


In our research we found that the concern demand to minimise the costs, and it is a critical managerial issue which can be solved with a good stock list control as Naples ( 2008 ) and Mawson ( 2009 ) suggest.

Sahin and Dallery ( 2009 ) sing in their research the mistakes in the stock list control systems and they label them as crucial and it is the thought which we agree and see it clearly in many organisations, whether they have an machine-controlled stock list control system or non. Therefore, cut downing mistakes in these systems is a chief aim of our system.

Jon Schreibfeder ( 2008 ) though that there is a relationship between the stock list direction and the distribution of goods and of class on the client. He said that “Effective Inventory Management allows a distributer to run into or transcend clients ‘ outlooks of merchandise handiness with the sum of each point that will maximise net net incomes. ” Since it was an of import point, we try to include it in our system ICS by accessing the CRM database and position the clients ‘ records.

Deriving a competitory advantage is a strategic end in this concern environment these yearss. Claudio, Zhang and Zhang ( 2007 ) considered this issue in nutrient industry ; and by doing our system suited for different users and different types of organisations, it can be modified easy to make the certain competitory advantage depending on the organisation itself.


Inventory control system is a system to pull off the stock list at stock ( or out ) in topographic point of manual systems ( or half-automatic 1s ) .

The suggested system was developed around a group of in agreement criterions to suit a broad scope of control stock of any organisation. The system will assist the organisation to maintain path on its providers, clients and the point motion ; be it stock-in or out, or between different subdivisions, or to-from the clients.

The suggested system is easy to voyage through because it has a simple graphical user interface, therefore giving the user the flexibleness in his work to heighten and increase his production, which is what the organisation wants. Beside the fact that it needs a slightly strong preparation, it is reasonably much easy to utilize. Having an easy system, helps the employees do their work better which increases the effectivity of their work ; which by itself increases the effectivity of the organisation.


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