Computerized Entrance Exam System Essay

In the earlier days, admission to higher and professional studies was essentially based on the performance in the entrance examinations conducted annually by various High Schools. The gradual degeneration of the conventional examination system manifested in frequent leakage of question papers, manipulation of marks, copying and use of unfair means by all involved. Entrance examinations have been devised by some reputed institutions to screen the large set of students coming from vastly different backgrounds for admission.

The traditional manual entrance examination is successful example conducted by INCAT. But nowadays, the population of the students is getting bigger. So with this kind of system, it will be easier for the part of the school and the student to take the entrance examination and to keep record of the students and will show the result immediately. It will not be prone to leakage because it will be stored properly and the school will keep this as one copy to avoid leakage. Introduction of computers greatly enhances the speed and accurate result of counting process.

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Results could be attained even right after the examinations reducing the time to a simple part compare to the time it takes if the examinations is done manually. Computerize entrance examinations have the possible to create examinations results with much greater accuracy than traditional paper-based entrance examination system. Computer machines invented to influence us to make our work easier and better. In schools, banks and offices use computerized system in its operations to avoid time consuming and improve competence for the better service.

With the help of computerized system people may take their advantages in order to meet their work faster. The world is changing so fast that we need to keep abreast to the fast upgrading of computer technologies to make us more productive. Many schools that conduct examination are using their manual based system up to present. In managing their system, they have encountered difficulties and problems for it is laborious and time consuming. The Guidance Counselor of IFUGAO STATE UNIVERISITY Potia Campus gave the entrance exam to all incoming freshmen in order to test the mental capabilities of every student.

In Manual System, the processing of transactions of the Guidance Counselor may take time consuming in recording, checking and retrieving files of students. If the students did not meet the cut off score in the examination, the student will not be qualified to enroll in the school. Hypothesis The main objective of the study is to design simple software of an automated entrance examination of a school using our knowledge of designing with the use of visual basic. Project aims at turning the manual way of taking the entrance examination into a computerize form.

The ultimate goal is to design and develop an automated entrance examination that will make the school advance in technology, not consuming time in the part of the student who will take the examination and the- school itself, for faster and convenient result of the examination by just clicking and typing without printing, and improves the school system using this software. Statement of the Problem In old days, schools are using manual way in taking any entrance examination. Below is the stated problem of a manual or traditional way of taking entrance examination: 1. ) It is very consuming in time, effort, and money.