Classroom Observation Essay

I did my observation at Horace Mann Elementary school 3nd class schoolroom. When I entered the schoolroom. I felt really welcomed. Mrs. Burnss had all the pupils welcome me. It was a really colourful schoolroom covered with the children’s art work. The kids seemed to experience really comfy around each other ; they all appeared to be pass oning good. The ends of the kids in the category room are to actively take part and understand the information taught. As I observed portion of her math category. they were larning money.

She gave them a worksheet to work on after she taught the lesson. As they were finishing the worksheet she walked about to reply any inquiries and to do certain they were on undertaking. Ten proceedingss subsequently. kids need to take a interruption on the resistance. so Mrs. Burnss asked them to maintain quiet and stand a line leave the schoolroom. in order to allow them maintain lull. she got a thought. she took a rose and give it to who are being quiet. so she asked that individual base on balls this rose to another individual which u think being rather. but at this clip I found an interesting thing.

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A miss. she didn’t base on balls the rose to a quiet individual. she merely passed it to her best friend. at first I didn’t cognize it. but so there are some pupils began to kick about that. so I know she didn’t do it as instructor said. really it correspond this age’s behaver. they are care more about friendly relationship. the kids are get downing to non be as autocratic and tyrannizing. They do non like critism. and wishes to delight others.

They are sensitive about others feelings. However. they may be critical of themselves and go more of a perfectionist. The kids are more cautious and withdrawn during this age. I asked Mrs. burns how she went about pass oning with her pupils households and she told me she uses phone calls. electronic mail. and parents will sometimes direct a note if he/she has any concerns. She gave me advice to ever name from work and to ne’er name from place.

She said last twelvemonth she had a bad experience where she used her house phone to name a parent. and after that the parent was invariably naming her house. Her course of study was based on the California Standards. She showed me signifier. which was made from the CA Standards it gives you a hebdomadal program. and different activities to make Monday-Friday. A few of the activities included mark accomplishments of the hebdomad. like phonics. comprehension accomplishments. and comprehension schemes.