CCTV for Safety Essay

Closed Circuit Television, also known by the CCTV, is a system video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific set of monitors . it is different from broadcast tv in that the signal is not openly transmitted, meaning it is exclusive to owner or installer . The visual images created by a CCTV system may be viewed while an event is happening or recorded for ‘after-the-fact’ review either . CCTV is a visual surveillance technology designed for monitoring a variety of environments and activities all at the same time .

It is mostly used for security monitoring of certain establishment like a banks, shopping complexes, auto-teller machines, airports etc. CCTV systems typically involve a dedicated communications link between cameras in the field and monitors at one or more control centers. Systems can be made up of technically mature analogue cameras and image storage devices, or newly developed digital cameras and image storage devices, or a mix of the two technologies.

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There are advantages in using CCTV, first CCTV promotes safety and security such as the presence of CCTV camera system for surveillance will reduce thefts and vandalism in shops, malls and other public places since the activities are being monitored, Employee Security: Installation of a CCTV in anywhere else not only will help you in monitoring the employees but will also help in keeping a tab on all those they have to interact with. This is particularly important if your employees have to deal with the customers directly and may be subjected to physical abuse in a heated situation.

A CCTV will bring it to your immediate notice and you can act fast. Evidence In Lawsuits: Videos recorded by CCTV can serve as valid proofs in a courtroom. In case of theft or any other criminal activity, CCTV footage may be referred to and may assist in punishing the defaulter. Apart from the above benefits, there is another advantage that CCTVs offer, namely, peace of mind. These cameras give you the power to keep your family, loved ones, office, and everything that you hold safe.