Causes of Student Failure Essay

Failure is always an unpleasant word. Failure in student’s life is defined as subpar achievement of his/her physical or literary capabilities. When students do not study for their final exam or practice his/her sports, they expect that they wouldnot just pass or win. However, it is actually failure. Although students study hard, they could not pass. On the other hand, if you do not study and do not pass, then you are a failure. On the contrary, the failure is also important for all students because it givesthem priceless lessons to make better lives.

What are the reasons of the student academic failure? The root causes of student academic failure are problems within the family, learning disabilities, and distractions from fashion and social trends. The first root causes of student academic failure are typically problems within the student’s family. A large portion of all students have or have had an upsetting experience with their family members, such as a quarrel, violence, or theirparents’ divorce. It is the one of the serious negative factors of student academic failure.

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For example, when a student’s parents divorce, he/she gets so much stress. A study conducted by MDRC, a non partisan social policy research and demonstration organization, indicates that students of single or divorced parents are more likely to drop out of school on average compared to those with both parents. It sure proves that those students with two parents have an advantage living. The second reason for student academic failure is learning disabilities. Types of learning disabilities include reading disability (Dyslexia), mathematics disability (Dyscalculia) and writing disability (Dysgraphia).

Students with learningdisabilities are usually inattentive and unfocused because they try to study hard, but theyimmediately get stressed and exhausted. For example, my friend who was a poor student lived in Korea. She looked like a model student, andshe sat at her desk all the time and studied hard; however, she got a negative grade and frequently failed her final tests. One day, she, another friend, and I studied together at her house, and then I knewshe could not focus her study. She sat at desk without break time, but she was inattentive and unfocused.

The last reason for student academic failure is distractions from fashion and social trends. Groups of similarly aged students have their fashion and social trends, such as games, computer sites, and clothes. For example, some jewelry is trendy among female students, so every female studentwants to buy and wear it because the jewelry is beautiful and they need common issues to talk about with their friends. Occasionally, a friend is not interesting in buying the jewelry, but her friend buys it and recommendsbuyingit to her. Then, she buys it because she does not want to becomean outcast among them.

In conclusion, negative factor because of family issues, inattention and unfocused studying abilities, and fashion and social trends are the most common causes of student academic failure. These negative factors always distract students even though they could be successful under above conditions. The student’s academic success is not always dependent on his/her own effort but comes from their surroundings as well. Those are the reasons for education systems to provide counseling and extra attention to students for free in most cases because our students are the future of our society.