Career Skills Essay

1. Why is the job search process a cycle rather than a series of steps? The job search process is a cycle rather than a series of steps because you have to prepare for your search and do a self-assessment of yourself regarding the jobs and positions you are trying to find. In the textbook, it says to be a job finder not a job seeker. The job search process is an organizational process that prepares you for short and long-term career goals. In order for a person to find the right job, a person needs to know what their skills are.

They need to know what they can offer the companies they are trying to find employment with know what you want to do within the company so that you may grow into a better position to do something that you love and be confident to show companies that you are what the company is looking for and needs. Knowing these things at first hand can assist in landing the job. Once you have searched the job markets of promising jobs it is necessary to market yourself by showing your face by following up with job leads and networks that prepare you for job interviews.

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Approaching the job search is already going to be a job in itself, so why not make the best of it by just making the time and putting in the work to make the job search process evolve much faster and lands the job that you want. 2. Why is it important to set up a system to organize, manage, and track your job search? What tools will you use? How will you get started? It is important to organize, manage, and track your job search because this allows you to market yourself along with show off your skills and experience on what you can offer a company you are seeking to find employment.

Being organized and keeping track of everything allows you to add or subtract from tasks to do and tasks that are completed. I have found these tools to be very helpful in the past because organization allows you to keep track of documents, who you have contacted, applied for, and being interviewed with. Being organized helps you manage your time, also helps you to get a jump on potential job postings from companies that are hiring, and it allows you to be seen by people who work for the company such as the receptionist, business partners, security, or other valuable employees.

You just never know whom an employer will talk to regarding your character or their perception of you. It is important to make a good impression with everyone you meet especially people that interact most with the person doing the hiring. I myself use the internet to look for jobs that I want. Once I narrow the search down to a particular company and position. I then do a little research on the company to see if the company is a place I can see myself working.

Once I decide the position is one that I want, then I proceed to get dressed in professional attire, resume’ ready to go, and I go do the job site and fill out an application and submit my resume’. I have never put together a portfolio before but I have done my resume’ and I do consider myself a rather well organized person. I make a plan for everything. I just cannot see myself doing anything if it is not planned accordingly especially when it comes to work. I would write out a plan of what I want to accomplish in my job search.

I would also make a list of my skills and experience so that I may make a good impression and standout to companies. Being organized, managing my time, and tracking my job search will help me to achieve career development skills, show a good work ethic, and build confidence and moral to be successful in landing interviews with companies to show them that I would be an asset to have in the company. These things will help me be more marketable in the career world. 3. How will your career management files tracker help you organize your job search?

Why should you keep your tracker up to date throughout your career? My career management files tracker will help me organize my job searches, promotions, achievements, recommendations, and skills and experiences I have. Managing and keeping my files tracker updated will assist me in my career development, time management, and interacting with other people. My career management files tracker will enable skills to communicate information, organize and understand my own personality and style that will aide in the making of the right career choices.

Managing my files tracker means, I create a job search that benefits my schedule and style, it allows me to keep up-to-date information at all times throughout my career allowing me to add or subtract information that is needed or no longer necessary or needed to use without the hassle of starting all over from the beginning. 4. How is a career portfolio different from a career management files tracker? What items should you put in your career portfolio?

A career portfolio is a collection of documents and other items that shows a person’s skills, abilities, achievements, experience, and qualifications, whereas a career management file is a binder that is organized for updating career development, job search information, self-assessments, experience, skills, draft resumes’, cover letters, and a list of job search aids. A career portfolio should have a final resume’, a list of references, letters of recommendations, and samples of their best work.

Use items that that demonstrate your experience and qualifications for jobs you are interested. Decide which skills and experiences relate the most to the jobs in which you are targeting to apply. 5. How can projecting enthusiasm and a positive attitude help in your job search? When you are happy and confident in what you are doing projecting enthusiasm and positive attitude shows a strong energy in performance in completing tasks set out to do. If a person has a positive attitude, they are more likely to project that enthusiasm into their work and those around them.

Your performance, abilities, skills and drive all show motivation and generate a positive energy to work hard and go beyond expectations. A positive attitude will also generate the enthusiasm to create a memorable and favorable impression in an interview. When a person is happy and enthused, it shows through their attitude, work, and making them feel, like they can do and achieve anything that comes their way. 6. What effects do positive and negative thoughts, images, and self-talk have on performance?

Positive thinking changes the way our mind generates energy, for example if you believe the job is yours you tell yourself by phrasing your sentences as I on my way to interview for my job. You already feel as though the job is yours so you claim it with confidence and positive energy. Positive thinking helps guide us towards obtaining and reaching a goal. Positive thinking also assists us in our abilities to perform tasks that help generate energy, competence, enthusiasm, confidence, and not to mention a set of qualities that many companies look for when they are looking to hire or promote an employee.

Remember your strengths and accomplishments to help you stay positive. Images help us to remember a mental picture of our success and of those successful performances. If a person gets nervous or starts to have uncertainty or negative thoughts, re-boost your ego by recalling your successful performances from in the past. Keep those images in your head more frequently so this way you do not get discouraged or even start to have negative thoughts that could tear down or even lower your self-esteem.

Having negative thoughts can damage your moral and confidence, which can lead to a low to no work performance, low self-esteem, non willingness to participate in work duties or tasks, and even a bad or negative attitude. A negative attitude can lead to many areas of destruction but in the work place, it could lead to a person not working to their full potential, having doubts in their abilities and skills, and others not wanting to be around them.