Calorie Counts in New York Restaurants Essay

Am I obese? That’s the first question that you should ask yourself when it comes to the issue of posting calorie counts in New York restaurants. This issue should not be a debate since it is clear that people need be informed about what they are consuming. Having calorie counts in NY restaurants will allow people to make a decision about how many calories they want to consume. The United States has become one of the top countries in the world with an obesity problem. That is because now a day’s people are going out to eat more.

When people go out they do not think about the amount of calories they are taking in. Have you ever looked at the amount of calories on the back of a bag of potato chips? I bet most of us have. However, I bet that for the most part we don’t dine at a restaurant and ask for calorie count before placing an order. Placing the calorie count next to a menu item would allow people to see the amount of calorie they would be consuming. People would think twice about ordering a menu item if they saw that it was more than 900 calories. It is also important to think about the people who are counting calories.

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They should be provided with this information without having to ask for it. This would also prevent people from going over the amount of calories they should be taking in per day. Obesity among children in the U. S is a huge problem since the parents are responsible for choosing the food that is consume. As parents have less time to make home cooked meals, they end up going out or ordering fast food. As a parent myself I would want my child to be aware of and learn healthy eating habits. By teaching them at a young age children will grow to become healthy adults and reduce the obesity problem.

As you can see posting the calories in NY restaurants should be require by law. In doing so would be making an attempt to reducing obesity by allowing realizing how many calories they are taking in. Even though it will take time and money for restaurants to place the calorie count in their menu items it is important for the consumers to know what they are eating. Although restaurants would lose some business as people realize how many calories the food has, it is more important to consider peoples health over business.