Being Strong Essay

Strength can be defined in many different ways. To some people, strength is about building the muscles in our body. To others, it is about being strong in the mind. To me, strength in our character is the most important as it is about being resilient and never giving up. Strength in character is the most important strength that anyone could possess in my opinion. Quoting Lawrence G. Lovasik, “Strength of character means the ability to overcome resentment against others, to hide hurt feelings, and to forgive quickly.

I completely agree with his statement as he is saying that strength in character is basically what we do for other people. When people are in trouble or are in need of help, are we there for them? When others insult us and speak behind our backs, do we forgive them or do we hold vengeance in our hearts? I believe a good example of a person possessing a strong character is Jesus Christ who is the God of Christianity. According to Christian faith, Jesus came down to earth from heaven to die for all the people’s sins.

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He sacrificed his own life because the world was full of hatred and he wanted to show the people what the true meaning of life was – that we should not be cynical and indifferent to one another but treat one another with care and love. Although Jesus may be entirely based on religion, he is still a great role model for me in how I should treat others and how I should build strength in my character. If God forgave me for my sins, I should also forgive others because it is what we are called out to do after all.

If this world was a place with little resentment and an immense amount of love and forgiveness, our world would definitely be a better place. Therefore, strength in character is absolutely important as it not only has an impact on ourselves but impacts many other people in this world too. In conclusion, if we are strong in our character, we will be able to forgive quickly and impact others with our love and forgiveness.