About e-commerce Essay


We are invited, as an experient adviser, to set together a strategic program and a proficient study to Ictbuild Ltd. that wish to develop the company web site to manage E-commerce.

Ictbuild Ltd. is a moderate-sized company that develops package and system for usage in the building industry. The company stakeholders are chairperson ( laminitis ) , package staff, research and development staffs, technicians, building industry specializers and sale staff.

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The most company concern is the dealing of single Personal computers, digitisers, Ictbuild bundles, and proprietary package to the building company. The most per centum of the company ‘s income is from the care contracts that they encourage clients to take out and from gross generate by upgrading their Ictbuild package.

Ictbuild Ltd. besides provided the service of package installing on bing client hardware or on proprietary Personal computers and webs that are delivered as complete system to the client.

These following are the designation and prioritization of the jobs confronting the organisation harmonizing to the given scenario.

1. High Communication Cost

The current system spent the high cost in information processing, storage and distribution. But it is still hard to study the client truly needs and large disbursal to garner the clients questions, feedback and job. Furthermore, the current system is non possible to transport out the procedure of e-meetings via picture conferencing with distant client.

2. Company Information is non up-to-date synchronously

All company information is non up-to-date synchronously because of the each information are non straight used by the individual resource. For illustration, utilizing of individual database. If any information alterations, that would be need to inform all staffs and have to update all of Personal computers, portable device and the similar. That would necessitate clip and information besides could non up-to-date synchronously.

Furthermore, sale staff can confound with their current information and besides can be supply the incorrect information to the client.

3. Transpiring of Company Key Information

The company late manifested job is due to the surrender of package director, who is about to take up a senior place in rival company. Unfortunately, he was the exclusive ‘owner ‘ of much cardinal information.

4. Degrading of Software Quality

Due to the force per unit area of work, endemic in the organisation since the leaner old ages, package staff are little more than coders. Consequently, some of the rules of good Software Engineering patterns are instead abused or ignored, particularly in requirement evocation, proving and certification.

5. Tardy time-to-market

Harmonizing to the current organisation work flow, it is hard and Inability to react faster to the demands of the market place.

6. Can non back up Telecommuting

Most of research and development staffs have home computing machines. But the squad can non hold facilitated of working freedom from place where appropriate. It may class indirectly to inefficient research and development productiveness.

7. High cost on investing of portable devices

Most of the company information is graphical in nature. So, gross revenues staffs need to transport the portable Personal computers, portable digitisers and nomadic phones. So, investing and care of these devices are continuously increased with the rate of staffs.

8. Large Time Devouring

The company gross revenues staffs are need to go to clients ‘ office for presentations and advertisement of company merchandises. But most of the gross revenues staffs are blowing a great trade of clip stuck in traffic. This is really large clip consuming.

Selling the merchandises on line is non an easy undertaking. However we make it easy by making user friendly Ecommerce web sites, so that the client can make their coveted merchandise class with easiness and can buy the merchandise online.

There are the possible design attacks to developing an e-commerce web site for Ictbuild ltd.

Home Page

Home page is the interface of your company website it can state the organisation background and feeling. Home page is necessary to demo company ‘s latest information, merchandises and most popular bundles, service and merchandises. By lunching the site, one of the current jobs of “Company information is non up to day of the month synchronously” can be solved.

We designed the Ictbuild ltd ‘s ecommerce web site to a category, simple and effectual design due to the Ictbuild is a company that develops package and systems for the building industry. So we used the strong and acute colour design for web streamer that meant to give strong and confident feeling to the client. At the right most site of the streamer, we placed the hunt panel box for client visibleness.

We created the web page with merely two click design, that average user can make their desire page in merely two chinks. For this solution we are utilizing three pilotage panels, top, left and right Conner of the page. The upper panels that stick below to the web streamer are designed to put the organisation and site ‘s related links. Left panels are placed to demo the company merchandises and service ‘s links. And right panel are specially designed to work out the client question and job by seting on-line confabs live and send your mail links.

Catalogue Page

This is the merchandise catalogue page ; expose the Ictbuild package, bundle, merchandise and sale point in one mass by catalogue by catalogue. The chief intent of the Product Catalogue page is to let the client to happen the merchandise they are looking for rapidly and travel seamlessly through the procedure.

By making this page, it can easy work out the organisation ‘s presently confronting “Tardy clip to market” job.

It is planed and designed to expose the each of Ictbuild merchandise catalogue in one mass. Each catalogue show the merchandise ‘s description in drumhead, monetary value of each merchandise and besides put the “add to haul link” that allow the client to purchase the merchandise on impulse.

Customer can easy snap on the merchandise image or on merchandise tile to see the merchandise in detail description.

Product Detail Page

This is the merchandise item page, which designed for the client to look into the item description and characteristics of the desire merchandise, bundle or point. By provide the item description, characteristic and advantages of merchandises, which can assist many clients to believe to purchase on urge.

This page is desired to work out the large clip devouring job of sale staff and company ‘s high cost on investing of portable devices job. Furthermore, this page can besides cut down the client enquiry traffic and clip.

We utilizing big merchandise image to obtain client focal point and visibleness. Clearly display the merchandise description, characteristic, advantages ( if any ) and monetary value at centre of the page and topographic point the “Add to cart” nexus for client to purchase easy. Besides place page pilotage saloon on top and button to surf another merchandise at easiness.

Some of the package merchandises that can easy put in by user are show as “download now” and client can download manually after look into out procedure.

Customer Registration Page

This is the Customer Registration Page ; it is desired to enter client information. By maintaining the client information, it can easy to track how many clients are utilizing the site.

This page is designed and arranges to bespeak the all needed information signifier client. The necessary required information Fieldss are denoted at right most of text box with “*” mark. This page besides requests the client login item information. For more safely and alone, we used client electronic mail reference for client login ID.

Shoping Cart Page

This is the shopping cart page, a sort of intermediate page prior to concluding check-out procedure. The chief intent of the shopping cart page is to demo clearly show what merchandises have been ordered every bit good as the measure and a subtotal. And besides want the client to treat their order quickly with them being provided with a sum-up of the dealing, a printable reception and a verification electronic mail to the client.

Page is designed easy to voyage, good signposted and intuitive, with the client knowing at all times what phase of the purchasing procedure they are at. The cart page besides designed to demo clearly what merchandises have been ordered every bit good as the measure and a subtotal. And besides let the client to easy take a merchandise from the cart or alteration measure.

This page would be provided the shopping carts map that sends verification electronic mail to your client every bit shortly as an order has been completed on your site.

Check Page

This is the check-out procedure page, it is necessary to have the client charge information and payment method. This page is necessary asked the client before downloading the package or after doing order.

The intent of this page is to offers client ‘s recognition card information and so this information is verified in existent clip and eventually the dealing is accepted and the client sees the “thanks for your order” screen.

This page is designed for easy cheque out process and able to associate with any payment supplier over a unafraid nexus. For the cheque out procedure, we must utilize the payment gateway for security. A payment gateway is a secure, Internet interface with a payment processor, the company that makes certain that dealing is all right. The payment gateway has two maps: one is to convey the recognition card information firmly to the payment processor and another 1 is to convey the blessing codification and any verification inside informations back to our shopping cart plan.

Contact Us Page

The thought of the contact us page is if client have any bugs, study or remarks about the Ictbuild ‘s service or merchandise. They can quick and easy direct the mail to Ictbuild in one chink.

This page designed to demo the company item contact point information. For client convenient to direct mail, we combined mail directing map in one page. Customer electronic mail reference is optional that required merely when they like to have answer from Ictbuild.

Before directing the mail, client must type the 4 digit confirmation codification. This is to forestall unauthorised automated SPAM automatons.

Along with the place page, your gross revenues pages and the shopping cart, we recommend implementing the undermentioned web pages as portion of Ictbuild ecommerce site.

About Us Page

The “ About Us ” page is important to hiking consumer assurance. It provides a sum-up of the concern, the organisation committednesss and way.

The page should besides supply other contact inside informations for your concern and your assorted enrollments, associations and associations. View farther information associating to “ about us ” or company profile pages.

FAQ Page ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Every web site needs a “Frequently Asked Question” , FAQ page that helps clients help themselves. No uncertainty that client will be asked many inquiries about the merchandises. Many of these inquiries will be insistent. It ‘s these often asked inquiries and replies should to add to the FAQ page. This promotes client assurance and saves the company ‘s valuable clip.

By doing an FAQ page available, clients can rapidly and easy happen replies to their inquiries, salvaging times and attempt for both the Ictbuild ltd and the client.

It is a basic FAQ system that merely list the inquiries at the beginning of the FAQ in dot-point format, possibly interrupt down into assorted classs to do seeking easier. Each of these inquiries should be straight linked to the reply further down the page with the usage of bookmarks. This basic design besides allows for scalability.

The FAQ nexus should be non merely through the chief bill of fare system, but after every “ purchase me ” type statement. The FAQ should be accessible within one chink of any other country of your web site that is dedicated to selling the merchandise or service.

Testimonies page

A pecuniary value can non be placed upon positive client testimonies ; it is intangible benefit and testimonies are some of the best promotional transcript about. Elicit feedback from your current clients and inquire their permission to print their remarks on your site.

Testimonies can be implemented on a page of their ain, or interspersed between company ‘s ain statements sing the merchandise. When implement a Testimonials page, it should guarantee that it can be accessed with one chink from any other page on the site. Ideally the nexus or button should be placed on the web site navigational bill of fare.

Secured Administration Page


The Web login screen is a constriction that farces a user to turn out his or her individuality by supplying a valid username and watchword. It is of import to carefully be after this login screen so that can be certain of the user ‘s individuality.

For constructing login signifier, that should protect user certificates and resist onslaught. Because the login signifier dramas such an of import function in authenticating user, it is of import to protect the signifier itself from flew. So, when design and construct a login signifier, it must maintain it simple and avoid utilizing a individual signifier for multiple undertakings.

Ictbuild ecommerce site would be trades with sensitive user fiscal, personal and communications informations. So utilizing of SSL would be compulsory. SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer ) is a security protocol which helps in doing dealing such as the on-line payment procedure and the other encoding procedure. Always transmit login standards over an SSL secure connexion. SSL does non work out all jobs, but it does protect the user from much type of onslaughts. So anyhow, Ictbuild ecommerce site must utilize the SSL.

When planing the login signifier, must non utilize concealed signifier Fieldss to go through sensitive information. An aggressor might be able to modify these concealed Fieldss to derive unauthorised entree or see them to garner information that will help an onslaught. And all signifier input must be validated against SQL injection and cross-site-scripting onslaughts.

Use the same mistake message for failed username or neglect watchword ; make non uncover any other information in an mistake message. Furthermore after one or two failed login efforts, motivate the user non merely for the username and watchword but besides to reply a secret inquiry. This non merely causes jobs with machine-controlled attacked, it prevents an aggressor from deriving entree, even if they do acquire the username and watchword correct. That could besides observe high figure of onslaughts system broad and under those conditions prompt all users for the reply to their secret inquiry.

For technically

For advanced users who want to protect their history from onslaughts, give them the option to let login from certain IP reference.

Use a CAPTCHA to forestall automates onslaughts. CAPTCHA ( Wholly automated public Turning trial to state computing machines and worlds apart ) is a plan that allows you to separate between worlds and computing machine. CAPTCHAs are peculiarly effectual in halting any sort of machine-controlled maltreatment, including brute-force onslaughts.

Furthermore, when directing the information the HTTP POST is the best to utilize with web signifiers method instead than the HTTP GET method because URLs are logged by proxy waiters, browser caches and typed URL histories.

Merchandise Update Page

This is the update page for merchandise and point. This page will be shown merely after the login of Ictbuild site decision maker.

The restricted duty individual can update and modify the merchandise and service by snaping the “Modify” nexus at below of each point. The “Remove” nexus is to take the point from the web catalog.

Staff Update Work Page

This is the particular page for staff remotely login for update their work page. The intent of this page is to supply permission for the IctBuild staff ( largely R & A ; D ) to hold the freedom to work from their place where appropriate.

This page is designed and filtered to expose their staff merely related work in list. The update and delete map nexus are placed at beside of each file name for brand alteration easy. Furthermore, user can besides upload their new files to the IctBuild database waiter.

Besides design to expose their old uploaded list and item clip to assist re-check and follow back their update.

E-meetings Page

This is the Ictbuild online E-Meeting system welcome screen page. The intent of this page is for the distant client to aware the squad and status of the system before come ining.

This is the Ictbuild online E-Meeting system page. The intent of this page is to transport out e-meeting via picture conferencing links with distant clients.

This e-meeting system uses popup Windowss, and hence requires a browser capable of exposing popup Windowss. The on-line attend client would demo in Members Panel Box. Distant clients can chew the fat with Chat Panel Box. The distant client picture will demo if distant compute have webcam available.

Distant client can direct voice message by snaping the Ring button in the Chat Panel Box. The Ictbuild e-meeting system can back up multi user VoIP service that many users can speak synchronously over the cyberspace.

Client Enquiries System

Customer can reach and question the Ictbuild with assorted sort of manner. They can reach with by electronic mail, phone or online chatting. By directing mail is better legal weight so other and client should utilize when they want to inform of import and serious inquiry or job to Ictbuild.

If the client have the question and like to hold the solution immediately, they can utilize the phone or online chew the fating question system. But if the job is tremendous and serious and can non reply instantly, clients are requested to direct the question by mail to Ictbuild.

Email question system

The most popular online client service tool is email, because directing electronic mail is fast and cheap. Customer can direct electronic mail to Ictbuild easy by merely snaping the “Send your message” nexus on the right panel or via Contact Us page. But the easiness of directing electronic mail messages has resulted in a inundation of client electronic mails to company. Answering of these electronic mail by manually would be really clip consuming and expensive. But the clients are likely to have the speedy answer, normally within 24 hours.

So to work out this job, Ictbuild should utilize the autoresponders that is automated email answer system which can supply replies to normally asked inquiries. It can relay standard information for support of client service, questions and jobs.

When the client send mail, the plan looks for the certain phrases or cardinal words and so taps into a cognition base to bring forth a transcribed, duplicate response. Incase when autoresponders can non reply the client question and necessitate human attending. The question is assigned an ID figure and passed along to a human agent for a answer. The new solution that provided by human agent would be update in an autoresponders ‘s cognition base.

Telephone and Online chew the fating question system

Customers are taking the phone and online chew the fating question system because they are desire to have the response immediately. So the phone and online chew the fating enquiry system must be supply for the 24/7 handiness.

The traditional phone question system could be utile merely for the local service because the communicating cost is really expensive until company provided the toll free figure.

When the client phone straight to Ictbuild and do question, the client service staff would be answer and give the solution. But conversation by phone is really low legal weight and staff can give the incorrect solution to client. It is really hard to manage because of there is no any record.

So, for the convenient of this system, Ictbuild should utilize the Teleweb channel. Teleweb is the integrating of telephone-based system and EC by linking web sites with client support call centres. It can increase the client satisfaction and diminish the demand of human agents.

The online chew the fating question system besides use the autoresponders plan likes email system. The clients can chew the fat easy with Ictbuild client service by snaping the one of the nexus that provided under the unrecorded confab panel.

Budget Proposal for Ictbuild Ecommerce web site

Setup and Development Cost

Apparatus Cost



Amount ( USD )


Domain Registration Cost ( For 1 Domain )

$ 40.00


Website Hosting Cost ( 2GB infinite + 10 From to Mail + 40 Forward Mail ) ( For 1 Year )

$ 200.00


Sever Installation Cost

$ 150.00

Entire Cost ( USD )

$ 390.00

Development Cost



Amount ( USD )


Database Design and Implementation Cost

$ 1,000.00


Inactive Site Contents Development Cost

$ 800.00


Dynamic Site Contents and Web Application Development Cost

$ 1,200.00


Secure Staff Contents and Back End Feature Development Cost

$ 1,500.00


Remotely staff update work Content Cost

$ 500.00


E-Meeting and Video conferencing Development

$ 1,300.00


Client Enquiry System Implementation Cost

$ 500.00


Graphic Design Creation Cost

– Bespoke Graphic Banner Design

$ 40.00

– Logo Design Creation

$ 120.00


Electronic Payment System Implementation Cost

$ 400.00

Entire Cost ( USD )

$ 7,360.00

Sum Set up and Development Costs = 7,750.00 USD

Care cost

1. Updating and Editing

Website Content Updating Cost

Inactive Page = 20 USD / Page

Dynamic Page = 40 USD / Page

Picture Modification Cost

Picture size up to ( 3 x2 ) inch = 5 USD / Picture

Picture size up to ( 4 x3 ) inch= 10 USD / Picture

Picture size up to ( 5 x4 ) inch= 15 USD / Picture

2. Uploading Cost


Entire file size up to 1 MB = 2 USD

Entire file size up to 3 MB = 4 USD

Entire file size up to 5 MB = 8 USD

Entire file size up to 10 MB = 15 USD


Entire file size up to 3 MB = 5 USD

Entire file size up to 10 MB = 15 USD

Entire file size up to 20 MB = 25 USD

Entire file size up to 30 MB = 35 USD

3. Adding New Development Cost

Add a Blog = 100 USD

Add a Forum = 80 USD

Adding Forms & A ; formalizing them for Spam =100 USD

4. Website Analysis Service Cost

Analyzing Back links Cost = 50 USD

Tracking Social Media Cost = 60 USD

Site Traffic Analysis & A ; Reporting Cost = 50 USD

On-line Market Scope Analysis Cost = 75 USD

Conversion Analysis Cost = 60 USD

5. Website Maintenance Plan Cost

2 Hour par Month = 80 USD / Month

3 Hour par Month = 100 USD / Month

5 Hour par Month = 140 USD / Month

10 Hour par Month = 250 USD / Month


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