A Few Funny Incidents of My Life Essay

I thought of penning down my memorable incidents and what could be better way than listing down funny incidents. There are many such incidents in my life (all unintentional at the moment they were happing) but I have chosen only four incidents to share. These incidents are at different point of time and from different areas…. with an attempt to show that I am can generate humor from anywhere (this is better way of saying that at times i am equally ignorant in all areas!! ).

Anyway, I would not take much of your prestigious time but just a gentle request – please don’t think that I am a ‘big’ foolish (actually like everyone I am a ‘bit’ foolish) but at times I am just totally involved in the flow of the things…. without realizing that what I am doing is just not required. Ok to begin with, the first incident is when I was in XII standard, i. e. once upon a time in year 1999. One of my neighbour, Nisha didi asked me for a help. She thought that as I am in reputed school (actually M. P. S. , Jaipur is a reputed school!! and preparing for all national level competitive exams i would be knowing about technology. As didi was from commerce background and having not much knowledge about computers, she asked me how she can check her e-mails, i. e. what all the necessary things required for checking the e-mails. At that time I was not aware of it, so I told her that I would go to any cybercafe and inquire about the things. When I went to a cyber cafe and asked him the required things, he replied that you need address to check the e-mails. I was very happy that how simple the things are and I told him that I knew the address.

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He took me near to the system and asked my address. As soon as I started telling him the address, first he was angrily looking at me but then he was just laughing at me. Actually, I told him the mailing address (i. e. didi’s home address) rather than e-mail address. Anyway, as was not aware of what is didi’s e-mail address, I just moved away from there but everyone else was smiling looking at me and would be thinking that if a young modern looking boy does not know about technology then who else would know about it. This was my first encounter with the technology!! The second incident, is when i joined my engineering college.

I was lucky enough to be selected for a reputed institution imparting B. Tech. in Information and Communication technology after clearing all India exam. So here I was, in August 2001, writing my first e-mail in front of computer which I got started with my friend’s help (damn…. at that moment I was not even aware of how to start a computer!! ). Anyway, as a true Indian, with all family values, my first e-mail was for my brother. It was a condensed mail of some 10 lines and I was successfuly able to send it. But to my utter surprise, whenever i create a new e-mail, my first e-mail was always there in the structure or body of new e-mail.

This process, lasted for a few months (3-4 months) and everytime while writing a new e-mail I have to delete that earlier e-mail and then write a new one. Though I was very happy that first e-mail, as a good memory, is always there with me but it was always an overhead to delete the contents before writing any e-mail. Then, I requested one friend of mine to help me out. No prize for guessing that he had a superb laugh at me. Actually, I wrote my first mail in the ‘signature’ area and thus it was coming up anytime I write new e-mails. Ahh, my another encounter with technology.

Third incident is of August 2006, when I shifted to a new paying guest in Mysore. Though it was a PG, it was a seperate spacious house given on rent to 4 of us and the services included food. For the first few days, the food was very nice except that in the morning the ‘tea’ which aunty (the house-owner) used to send was very ‘strong’. I drank that ‘strong tea’ for 6-7 days. But then, I decided to go to aunty’s house (which was just 3 minutes walking distance) and complain about ‘tea’. When I requested aunty to send nice tea, like her food, she was totally surprise and told me that she does not send tea.

I explained to aunty again about the tea in the breakfast but again the same reply – that she does not send tea in breakfast. Then she told that it was coffee which she used to send for me in breakfast and not tea. I was so badly embarrased, that I left quickly. Actually as I am taking homeopathy medicine from a long time, I was never allowed to drink coffee and so I never knew how it tasted. What I drank was always tea, so I compared coffee with ‘strong tea’. What a analogy in life – we compare whatever we see with whatever we know rather than what is reality.

But, anyway this was the nice learning and memorable incident. The fourth incident is a recent one – October 2008. We, at XIMB, have regular birthday celebrations and as a mandatory thing for birthday we have birthday cakes. Almost all the time the cake is of choclate flavour, which I dislike, so I have never eaten the birthday cake. But, it came as a pleasent surprise to me when I came to know in one of the birthdays that cake is of vanilla flavour. I thought, that this time I am going to have a big share of mine, probably compensating for my earlier misses and hard work i put in shouting at all birthdays.

After all the necessary rituals of the birthday were done, it was time for cake cutting. There were a few candles on the cake and they were swiftly blown off to mark the official cutting of the cake. As there were a lot many of us, looking for their piece of share, from limited cake there was a chaos. Like everyone, I picked up whatever share I got. I was more than happy to eat first birthday cake at XIMB but while I was eating the cake there was something sticky in between my teeths. I thought, it to be some ingredient of a quality cake. But after continious chewing of 10 more second i realized it that it was something very typical.

I rushed to washbasin near to mess and then I realized, I chewed one candle thinking that it was cake. Anyway, it was not very late as this total incident lasted for some 40 seconds or so. Thanks GOD that there was not much damage to my health and my father’s wealth because of my ignorance. So friends, these were just the four incidents I am sharing with you. Please feel free to comment on them. And yeah, if you want to laugh more…please get in touch with me, I have a few more funny incidents 🙂 . Anyway, the purpose of this post was to get smile on your face and I hope my real life foolish action were able to do that.