1999 Boeing/McDonnell-Douglas merger Essay

Merger of both companies was a no-brainer to bring in more profit and put like mind minds together to make fighting aircraft. Both were known for making military aircraft anyway so it worked out. For any negative issues dealt into the process most were mitigated mainly from the quality dealt in the product. Only negative issue could have been if the merger would actually bring in a profit. Very questionable after the big layoff of employees in the company during the time. Was a quick fix though for the profit brought in during the time, which turned out to be a success.

Many employers could have anticipated a lot of negativity when the company had a big layoff. As I stated though above many people all over the world including rising countries in India and Asia were laying off people because lack of money at a low. When inflation sets in you have to make ends meet so you have to make the managing decisions to best represent the merger of the company. Even if some issues are not liked it is just the best decisions at the time to cover the expenses to bring in overhead profit.

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Most positive issues you get from the merging company are very positive from many sources. Even though the prices are steadily to high and are tagged on to people taxes and the government which is rather high for a company. Still though for positive aspect the company does great work and has been great competitor to the Airbus a supposed aircraft company from Europe. Government had many questions about the company and rather it would be needed for the future after 2001 and the attack of the twin towers the positive aspect must have jumped at a very high rate.

Boeing/McDonnell-Douglas had more positive success in smaller jet markets than in higher market because of the price involved. Entry prices were above the roof and many groups could not afford such prices so subcontracting and dealing with a smaller market was a better successful for positive income. For example let us say you are a new company looking for new aircraft well for buying from Boeing/McDonnell-Douglas you are likely to get a great model jet or airplane. A positive reform and highly recommend is for the company to stay where the money is in the small market.

Even though there is success now and the Boeing Company is for creating strong defense for the country. Prices are shaky and the defense aircraft are at a steady decrease so putting time toward defense will only hurt Boeing in expenses than actually bringing profit. For the long run reinforcing some plans would be the best decision to succeeding. Think about it the internet is the leading technology for anything that you need anymore. How can that help with Boeing? Think about it if you can build sub-contracting jobs or small aircraft projects they will steadily bring in profit necessary for positive recognition.

If you really want to get more in depth about Boeing and the McDonnell-Douglas I would recommend checking out:

Pogo.org just push the ctrl button and click and will learn the positives and negatives each describe. Pogo I use for couple of the projects I have completed. Toward the project I found the website helpful it provided great truth on the positive and negative aspects.